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Zelenskiy Urges for Defense System to Counter Russia’s Precision Bombs

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy made a renewed appeal on Wednesday for enhanced defense systems to shield Ukraine’s cities from guided bombs, which he identified as the “main instrument” currently employed by Moscow in its attacks.

Zelenskiy has consistently advocated for improved air defenses as Russia ramps up its assaults on energy and other critical infrastructure. Despite Russian claims that it does not intentionally target civilian sites, the invasion of Ukraine since February 2022 has resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries.

In his nightly video address, Zelenskiy acknowledged progress in developing electronic weaponry but stressed that much more needs to be done to counter Russian bombs. “There can be no alternative. Ukraine needs systems and tactics that will allow us to protect our positions, our cities, and our communities from these bombs,” he stated. “This is now practically the main instrument of Russian terror and in the occupiers’ advances.”

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Earlier this month, Zelenskiy reported that Russia had used over 3,200 guided bombs against Ukrainian targets in April alone, along with more than 300 missiles and about 300 Shahed-type drones. These guided bombs, which are directed to their targets by a guidance system, have significant destructive power and pose fewer risks to the air crews delivering them.

Additionally, Zelenskiy announced that four more countries—Albania, Austria, Chile, and Mozambique—had agreed to attend a “peace summit” in Switzerland in June. The summit aims to form a broad coalition to pressure Russia into agreeing to a peace settlement based on the U.N. Charter and acceptable to Kyiv. “Russian aggression has tried to turn the U.N. Charter into a museum exhibit,” he remarked. “Our peace summit, with the participation of global leaders, can restore the full effectiveness and protection of the U.N. Charter for every nation.”

Zelenskiy’s peace plan calls for the withdrawal of all Russian forces and the restoration of Ukraine’s 1991 borders. Russia, which rejects the plan, has not been invited to the June meeting and considers any discussion of the conflict without its participation to be pointless.

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