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Andy Jassy to replace Jeff Bezos as Amazon CEO

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos resigns. In the third quarter, the company founder gives up his post at the top of the group as he wants to concentrate on space, charity, and new ideas for Amazon.com. Andy Jassy will be the new Chief Executive Officer. Jassy has been with Amazon since 1997 and has headed Amazon Web Services (AWS) for five years. Bezos will remain with Amazon as executive chairman of the board of directors.
This is what Amazon.com and Bezos announced Tuesday night . “I intend to focus my energies and attention on new products and projects in the early stages,” writes Bezos in an email to his 1.3 million employees. Bezos sprinkles roses on both his successor, who has been with Amazon.com since the early years, and his other employees.
At the same time, Bezos emphasizes that he does not want to retire. He continues to enjoy his work and finds it meaningful. “Being the CEO of Amazon is a huge responsibility, and it’s draining. When you have responsibilities like this, it’s difficult to focus your attention on anything else,” admits the entrepreneur, the first person, thanks to Amazon.com has amassed more than $ 200 billion in possessions.
Success secret inventions
“As executive chairman of the board of directors, I will get involved in major Amazon initiatives, but also have the time and energy I need to focus on the Day 1 Fund, the Bezos Earth Fund, Blue Origin, the Washington Post, and my others Focusing passions, “explains Bezos,” I’ve never had more energy (than today), and it’s not about retiring. ” He would like to make a significant difference with the organizations mentioned.
The Bezos Day One Fund is a $ 2 billion foundation to support homeless families and establish nonprofit preschools in low-income areas. Through the Bezos Earth Fund, the man is even investing ten billion dollars in the fight against climate change.
His company grew up through inventions and is now committed to social issues, including a voluntarily higher US minimum wage and the voluntary commitment to be CO2-neutral by 2040 at the latest in the interests of Amazon climate protection . Today, Amazon.com could not be better prepared for the future, writes Bezos. Things in preparation would continue to amaze. “Be inventive and do not despair if an idea seems crazy at first sight,” writes the outgoing boss of his workforce in the studbook, “Don’t forget to wander around. Let curiosity be your compass.”
27 years is enough
Bezos founded Amazon.com in July 1994 as an online bookseller. In 1998 he expanded into European markets by taking over the then leading German bookseller ABC Bücherdienst GmbH . The rest is history. Today the corporation is approaching $ 1,000 in net income. Per second .

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