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“Nike Go FlyEase”: A sneaker that don’t need hands to put on or taken off

We have all been waiting for the Nike “Go FlyEase” , because: How do you actually put on your sneakers? Do you bend down and use the laces every time? Or do you push back and forth with your heel with a loosely bound model until your foot is finally in the shoe? The latter is arguably the most popular method (we don’t ignore it), albeit the one that will be the quickest way to ruin your sneakers in the long run. So the only solution is to always pick up your shoelace from now on? 

Unfortunately, you have no other choice with the shoes you already own. But if you’re looking for a new couple, this one should be a very close look. The “Go FlyEase” is the first Nike sneaker for which you will never have to bend down again – and which you will not break when you put it on and take it off easily. 

Nike “Go FlyEase”: This is the new sneaker

The new Nike sneaker is available in three different colourways, with the upper predominantly made of mesh material. In addition, it is immediately noticeable that the “Go FlyEase” has no visible lacing and only an elastic band wraps around the sneaker. An essential part of the design – which is particularly necessary because of the hidden function.

This is how the hands-free Nike sneaker works

With the “Go FlyEase”, Nike is picking up where it left off with the previous models. How can you develop a sneaker that is just as easy to put on and take off as a slipper? It was not only important to the company to deliver a new generation of sneakers to those who are too lazy to bend down every time. Especially people with short-term and chronic mobility restrictions should be supported.

In the “resting state” the sneaker is set up like a pyramid, with the footbed (similar to a high heel) standing diagonally to the floor. To put on the “Go FlyEase” all you have to do is put your foot in the shoe and step once. The pressure closes the sneaker immediately and the heel area folds towards the foot. To take the shoe off again, press the tips of your toes against the small wedge on your heel and pull your foot up. This opens a hinge in the sole (which is colored red in all colourways) and you can comfortably step out of the sneaker.


Nike “Go FlyEase”: When and where can you buy the sneaker?

The first drop of the sneakers will only be available to selected Nike members from February 15th. For all other customers, the Nike “Go FlyEase” will appear regularly in the online shop from this spring. The price of the sneaker will be around 100 euros.

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