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2 tricks to prevent glasses from fogging up because of wearing mask

In times of the Covid-19 pandemic, mouth and nose protection is an essential safety measure – but it is often associated with problems for people who wear glasses. With two simple tricks and the right masks you can keep track of things.

Fogged up glasses: If you wear glasses, you know this challenge from the winter months. On the occasion of the corona pandemic , the subject of fogged glasses was raised to a whole new level. Because a face mask or the mask on the one hand ensures that you do not infect other people, but on the other hand it also means that you may no longer see anything because of the fog on your glasses.

Face mask tips for people who wear glasses

First of all: don’t worry – you are not alone with this problem. Because more than half of German citizens wear glasses. And they all have to exhale. The resulting humidity is responsible for fogging up the glasses. Because: This moisture rises directly through the mask and condensing water forms on the glasses.

While in Europe wearing a mouthguard territory is still likely for most citizens, face masks are gang in many Asian countries commonplace. If you want to know how to combine glasses and a face mask, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has two perfect tricks for you.

Mouthguards and glasses: These tips will help with fogged glasses

It is actually very easy not to let the glasses fog up despite a face mask . One option is to fold the top quarter of the mask before wearing it. In doing so, however, you also sacrifice some of the mask area and thus reduce the protective area.

If you don’t want this, there is another option: Fold a handkerchief and place it on the inside of the mask over the place where your glasses sit. The advantage: Trick number two works with all types of face masks – while many fabric masks tend not to fold. Another advantage here is that you can put your glasses on the mask. It then has a supportive effect (as does a wire with which you can bring the mask close to your nose) and the air you breathe flows past the glasses at a greater distance.

Some masks are particularly suitable for people who wear glasses because of their fit. An example: the masks from Upper Hand . They are made of a nano filter material, which consists of the thinnest fibers and ensures free inhalation and exhalation and also holds back the smallest particles. The ear loops can be easily adjusted so that you can adjust them as needed.

In addition to the Upper Hand models, there are other mouthguard variants that are ideal for people who wear glasses. The best masks for people who wear glasses can be found in our gallery: 

More tips for people who wear glasses

Gadgets like special glasses cleaning cloths can also help. Here you should rely on microfiber cloths, which not only protect against dirt for a long time, but also prevent the glasses from fogging up. Another product that is also helpful here are the so-called anti-fog sprays. This spray is sprayed onto the lenses and distributed evenly on the lenses with a fine microfiber cloth. Attention: Before use, please clean the lenses thoroughly – clean with a clean (!) Microfiber cloth. The T-shirt or other items of clothing are not suitable for this. Then spray a few puffs of the anti-fog spray on the lenses and rub on both sides.

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