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These new emojis are coming to iPhone with iOS 14.5

There are new emojis – at least for Apple users. With the latest update to iOS 14.5, numerous innovations have been added to the list that ensure that our imagery will soon reflect even more diversity.

The second beta phase for iOS 14.5 has started for developers – and this also brings some new emojis. Anyone with an iPhone can look forward to a number of new additions soon. Above all, Apple has worked to ensure that people of all skin color and gender can now be shown as emojis. Specifically, this means that gender-neutral couples, female people with beards and kissing couples with different skin colors are also available with the new update. When it comes to sending hearts, there will soon also be more variety: in the future there will also be a burning heart and a bandaged heart. With the classic emojis, faces with a breath cloud, spiral eyes and fog are added.

Some familiar emojis have been changed

Apple has also swapped its headphone emoji and equipped it with the company’s new AirPods Max. Blood no longer drips from the syringe – so it can also be used in a vaccination context in the future. Another change: The climbing emojis have been given a helmet. In September 2020, the Unicode consortium announced that they were working on the introduction of 217 new emojis.

New emojis aren’t the only change in iOS 14.5

In addition to the emoji update, Apple has also revised two other functions: Siri can now start FaceTime calls with a group or several people at the same time. You can also change the default music service that Siri can start if desired. If you use Apple Music, iOS 14.5 will in future also be able to use the “Lyrics Sharing” feature. Here you can easily send song lyrics to friends via messages or social media apps. So far, however, it has not been announced when the iPhone update will be rolled out for all users and when all new functions will be available. 

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