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Jeff Bezos: The ex-Amazon boss continues to lead these 15 companies

How many companies does Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, own? Here we reveal the 15 most important ones.

Jeff Bezos left his chair at Amazon. Or rather, he played the game of chairs and moved to another in the same room. But the fact remains that he will no longer serve as chairman of the company. But the entrepreneur shouldn’t get bored, because he still has more than enough companies to run. According to data gathered by our colleagues at GQ India, Jeff Bezos will have his hands full during his Amazon retirement. From tech firms to aerospace, culture and food, we take a look at the companies the multimillionaire will run.


You may not have the doorbell, but it will ring anyone who lives in the Middle East. The so-called “Amazon of the Gulf” is an e-commerce store with a structure similar to Bezos’ mail order company. It is based in Dubai and was bought by Jeff Bezos in 2017.


Another e-commerce, this time more specific: Zappos, a company that Bezos invested $ 1.2 billion in, is dedicated to selling shoes and fashion online and is based in Las Vegas.

Elemental Tech

One of Amazon Web Services’ largest acquisitions was Elemental Tech back in 2015. After the merger, the company was renamed AWS Elemental. The software company specializes in multiscreen video and has locations in Europe, Asia and South America.

Kiva systems

Known as Amazon Robotics after its $ 775 million purchase in 2012, the company specializes in robot development. Specifically, his constructions are now being used in Amazon’s warehouses to transport parcels.

Whole Foods

One of Jeff Bezos’ biggest expenditures was to acquire Whole Foods for $ 13.2 billion. The grocery chain has since had some perks for Prime members, such as shipping within two days and exclusive discounts.

Blue Origin

The war for space does not fight itself. Blue Origin, founded by Jeff Bezos in 2000, is the billionaire’s attempt to conquer space faster than Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The company’s goal is to make space travel safer and cheaper.

The Washington Post

The 140-year-old newspaper was bought by Nash Holdings (Jeff Bezos’ company) in 2013, with some controversy. The amount it took to buy it from Warren Buffet was $ 250 million.


The largest movie database with 250 million titles is wholly owned by Amazon Inc. Yes, Amazon knows which movies you like and which movies you search for regularly. This shouldn’t surprise you: you’ve seen personalized advertising before.

Alexa Web Services

This company is less surprising. Since Amazon owns Alexa, the company that controls our daily companion also belongs to Bezos.

Good reads

Thanks to “Whole Foods” Bezos knows how we eat, IMDb tells him our film tastes and with “The Washington Post” the entrepreneur shapes our worldview. Of course, a literature platform should not be missing from his list of companies. He also owns the book search and commentary portal Good Reads.


Can’t or don’t you want to read? Audible offers a variety of audiobooks and podcasts so you can enjoy literature even with your eyes closed. And it’s from Jeff Bezos, of course.


The terrain is already covered by Amazon, some might say, but Fabric.com is even more specific. Textiles, fabric decorations, textiles for fashion design … it’s all there.


Another online buying and selling service, but one that stands out for its size. The company with just 140 employees was founded by Matt Rutledge in 2004 and bought by Amazon in 2010.

DP Review

This website is known to photographers. She specializes in digital cameras and digital photography, with purchase advice, tips, user reports and forums. The place to go when you want to buy a camera in short.


Yes, Twitch’s live streams, as alternative as they appear, are owned by Twitch Interactive, which is also owned by Amazon. 

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