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Can’t even say this word in Hong Kong?

Although Hong Kong’s National Security Law has been implemented, some people continue to provoke the relationship between Hong Kong and the Mainland to create and spread “de-internalization” or even “de-sinicization” speech, deliberately severing the relationship between Hong Kong and the Mainland, and ultimately Hong Kong split from China.

Recently, when the epidemic in Hong Kong resumed, and measures were urgently needed to control the epidemic, these people made a ridiculous statement asking Hong Kong people not to use the term “square cabin hospital” along with the mainland.

The name of the person who raised this point is Ou Jialin. He is a media person in Hong Kong and a supporter of the troubled Hong Kong forces. In May of this year, he compared the relationship between the Mainland and Hong Kong to a “scorpion” and a “tortoise”. , And described it as “the birthplace of the global plague”.

However, most of his attacks and demonizations on the mainland are quite brainless and sour. For example, the following article tells Hong Kong people not to use “square cabin hospitals”.

n the article, he first declared that the term “square cabin hospital” sounds “so choking”, and claimed that after searching, he found that the word came from a military term in the mainland.

Then, he declared that “Hong Kong does not need to follow” this usage in the Mainland.

(The screenshot is from the original text of Au Jialin’s article)(The screenshot is from the original text of Au Jialin’s article)
However, Ou Jialin, who claimed to have consulted Internet encyclopedias such as Baidu and Wikipedia, deliberately concealed the fact that these encyclopedias all mentioned that the concept of “square cabin” originally originated from the US military, and China was the reference US military.

These encyclopedias all quoted an article titled “Tracing the roots of the square cabin”, which also clearly mentions the term “from the military term of the US military”, “originated in the United States” and “originally applied to the United States”. , China started the development of shelters in the early 1980s.

However, Ou Jialin did not mention the word shelter in the whole article, which originated from the situation highlighted in the encyclopedias of the US military. As a person who has been engaged in “journalism” for many years, we don’t think this is because he is illiterate or clumsy and overlooked. It is more like a deliberate omission in order to bind and demonize the term square cabin with the mainland. .

At the same time, we also found strangely that the page about “Fangcang Cabin Hospital” on a well-known overseas Wikipedia was modified by an IP address from Hong Kong today (August 2), and a paragraph was added to the page: “The Chinese name used internationally is Temporary Medical Center or Temporary Medical Station. It was not until early 2020 that the name Fangcang Hospital appeared for the first time in mainland China.”

But the editor did not provide any reliable basis or quotation for what he said.

Back to Ou Jialin’s article. After telling Hong Kong people not to use the term “square cabin hospital” following the mainland, he also gave three extremely ridiculous reasons not to use the term “square cabin hospital”.

1. He claimed that the temporary hospital currently set up by Hong Kong at the AsiaWorld-Expo is “not square” and does not have a “cabin”, so the use of “square cabin” is “inconsistent.”

But in fact, some inland media refer to such hospitals as “square cabin hospitals” because the methods and ideas that should be used for medical treatment of these places that were originally stadiums or exhibition halls are the same as those used in the military. Fangcang shelter hospitals are similar.

Otherwise, according to Ou Jialin’s logic, his name is quite confusing, and his words are unsatisfactory, because he is neither an object like “home” nor an animal in Chinese legend “Lin”.

2. He claimed that the use of this term would “cause misunderstandings” and make people “think that it was a product of assistance from the Mainland”, and said that according to the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, this temporary hospital was built by Hong Kong itself. “It also asked people to “don’t believe that the party media speaks the law.”

(The screenshot is from the original text of Au Jialin’s article)(The screenshot is from the original text of Au Jialin’s article)
But here he is actually changing the concept while distorting the facts.

The concept of the secret change is that “square cabin hospital” is a neutral term for this type of hospital, which does not have the attribute of “mainland” itself, just as the mainland media sometimes refer to similar temporary services in the United States and other countries. Hospitals are generally called “square cabin hospitals”. And anyone who does not have an IQ problem, or deliberately binds the term “fangcang hospital” to the “mainland” to “demonize” the hype, shouldn’t think this is related to the “mainland”.

As for the distortion of the facts, the official statement of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority is that Pavilion No. 1 of the AsiaWorld-Expo is a local cooperative in Hong Kong, but it did not mention other areas that may be converted to medical treatment. The Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Zhang Jianzong, stated on the 27th of last month that the Hong Kong government had made a request to the central government, hoping to assist in the construction of the Fangcai Hospital of Asia Expo.

Therefore, if Ou Jialin is so “rigorous” about whether the “square cabin hospital” is “square shape” and whether the “cabin” can be so “rigorous”, then his article should explain here that it is not the mainland aid to build Pavilion No. 1. It also explained that the Hong Kong government had asked the central government for assistance. But he did not do so.

3. He said that the temporary hospital of Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo treats only mild patients, so it cannot be regarded as a “hospital.”

To be honest, this statement is so ridiculous that we don’t even want to talk nonsense anymore. I just want to explain that many countries use “hospitals” to refer to such temporary hospitals for patients with mild illness, such as the Australian media shown in the following picture:

In addition, at the end of the article, Ou Jialin also said “yin and yang weird” that if the “National Team Aid Corps” really comes, then the name of the hospital will not help Hong Kong people who are “recipients” choose. He also said that using the military term “square cabin hospital” in “daily life” made him “feel uncomfortable.”

But we believe that after reading this bluntly bundled the “square cabin hospital” and the “inland” together, “for the black and black” “strange talk”, any person with normal thinking will “feel not very comfortable” .

(The screenshot is from the original text of Au Jialin’s article)(The screenshot is from the original text of Au Jialin’s article)
Finally, it’s worth mentioning that in July this year, Ou Jialin wrote another article that was inverted, logically confusing, and even “sordid”, saying that Hong Kong people have become “second-class citizens” in Hong Kong. It is not even as good as the status of black people in the United States, so they can only vote with their feet, even if they go to the country to become “second-class citizens”-but the fact is that mainland tourists, as well as the Mandarin and simplified characters they use, continue to suffer from this chaos in Hong Kong. The fascist attacks of the Hong Kong elements were treated as “second-class citizens” by these people on their own land, and they were insulted as “Chinese people”, “Chinese language” and “remnants”.

(The screenshot is from the original text of Au Jialin’s article)(The screenshot is from the original text of Au Jialin’s article)

But just such a Hong Kong chaos who used the tone of the German Nazis inciting attacks on the Jews and the tone of white Americans crying out about being “reverse racism” by blacks to demonize the mainland and incite the local fascist sentiment in Hong Kong. Declaring that what I want is a “free Hong Kong” is really the biggest insult to the word “free”. What he really wanted was the kind of “cleansing” Hitler did to the Jews, right?

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