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Meghan and Harry already have a replacement for Elizabeth II: Beyoncé

The singer is running as her new best friend in the United States with a message of unconditional support after her famous interview with Oprah.

Queen of England needed 36 hours to agree on the 61 words that appear in the press yesterday with Buckingham officially responded to the explosive to interview that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had granted Oprah Winfrey. The saying that ensures that things in the palace go slowly was not lying. Although being fair, Elizabeth II has not been the only ‘queen’ who has taken so long to react to the accusations that the Sussexes poured on Sunday night on television.

Hours after Europe’s longest-lived monarch reached out to her grandson and wife and promised to fully investigate their complaints; Beyoncé also joined the wave of solidarity with Markle by posting a message on her website that shows how far American society is right now on Harry and Meghan’s side. Something that on the other hand became clear when, as soon as the interview was broadcast, personalities such as Serena Williams turned to networks to applaud the couple for daring to speak.

“Thank you Meghan for your courage and for your leadership. We all feel more strengthened and inspired by you ”, are the words that appeared on Beyoncé’s personal website, which illustrated her message with a photo in which she appears greeting the Duchess in 2019 during the London premiere of The Lion King , Disney film in which Beyoncé voiced Nala and whose premiere was invited by the Sussexes months before they made the decision to leave the Royal Family forever, which, according to their version, was causing them so much damage.

Although it is not the first time that Queen B shows her admiration for Markle. Before meeting in person at that premiere, the singer and her husband Jay Z already winked at her in the video with which they accepted the BRIT Award for best international band for The Carters. A small piece in which the couple talked while behind them a painting was seen in which Meghan appeared with a queen’s crown.

By the way, at the moment the Sussexes have not responded to the offer of peace that they launched yesterday from Buckingham.

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