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Covid, in the United States no mask or social distancing for the vaccinated.

The federal health agency issues new directives, which exempt vaccinated people from most of the restrictions. For example, there is no obligation to use the mask when visiting friends and relatives.

No more masks or social distancing for those vaccinated against Covid. Held in the United States, where the vaccination campaign is running at full speed and according to some analysts it will bring the country out of the shallows of the pandemic and the economic impact of the restrictions in the spring . The rest will be done by drugs

Vaccinations in the United States

Progress can also be seen in the formidable numbers of vaccinations: more than 2 million in a single day on March 5th ; a quarter of the population who have already received at least one dose of the vaccine. Besides the must- President Joe Biden is to vaccinate and immunize even from the first day in the White House. And the Centers for Disease Control – federal health agency – have updated on their website the guidelines of the new situation that will distinguish vaccinated from unvaccinated. Under the title What’s changed(What has changed), the CDC informs that those who have been vaccinated can adopt behaviors that others are not yet allowed until the epidemic is completely curbed: in particular, the vaccinated will be able to meet other people without wearing a mask

This means that you will be able to resume your social life with a certain normality even indoors. If you are vaccinated you can ‘meet at home with fully vaccinated people without wearing a mask; gathering at home with unvaccinated people from another family (for example, visiting relatives who all live together) without a face mask, unless one of those people or someone you live with has an increased risk of serious illness from Covid-19; if you’ve been with someone who has Covid-19, you don’t have to stay away from others or get tested, unless you have symptoms. ” 

Towards the license of immunity

It has not yet been clarified how these new rules will be applied. However, it is now quite clear that both in the United States and in Europe we are thinking about the introduction of an immunity license , or a certificate that certifies the vaccination and that allows, to those in possession, a circulation with fewer restrictions. . This is not an absolute novelty: a few decades ago in Italy it was necessary the vaccination booklet to enroll children in school or that of the Hygiene Offices to certify vaccination against yellow fever or other diseases in order to travel to areas for which it was mandatory. 

For transits between different countries, the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen anticipated that the EU is studying a vaccination passport that certifies the vaccination or test results for those who have not yet had access to national campaigns in order to to restart travel and with it the activity of important economic sectors such as tourism and hospitality which for some countries are very important slices of GDP. The Greece launched vaccination carpet in the islands and urged the passport in order to revive since the spring tourism. China has already launched it. To find out what the European “green pass” looks like, one has to wait until March 17 when the EU Commission will formalize the proposal on the digital passport designed to encourage international mobility in view of the summer. 

The precautions that remain 

The guidelines provided by the American CDC say that people are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after inoculation of the second dose of the bi-dose vaccines (therefore those of Pfizer or Moderna, in the USA the Astrazeneca vaccine has not yet been approved), or two weeks passed since Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine was injected (pending imminent approval for Europe by the European Medicines Agency EMA). If, on the other hand, ‘less than 2 weeks have passed since the injection or if you still need the second dose, you are not fully protected. Continue to take all preventive measures until you are fully vaccinated ». However, the obligation to wear a mask in public remains in force, also for the vaccinated, but in any case, said the director of the CDC Rochelle Walensky: “This is an important first step to begin to get out of this pandemic”.

“The vaccines against Covid-19 – it is written on the body’s website – are effective in protecting you from getting sick”. The question of whether or not who is vaccinated can transmit the infection at the moment has no certain answer, given that the vaccination campaigns have recently started and there have not even been the technical times to know what happens in the weeks following the vaccination. There is no data available from national health systems that have undertaken coronavirus vaccinations. They are tests of the near future that could also take a long time. The objective answer is therefore: we do not yet know. 

The CDC confirms that there is still no certain scientific evidence to be able to affirm that the vaccinated are not in turn vehicles of contagion, even if protected from the coronavirus, and this is the reason that still leads to the caution of the mask in public. The empirical data coming from Great Britain, where the campaign is at an advanced stage, however, say that the more the number of vaccinated increases, the more the epidemic is extinguished, even if the drastic drop in infections could be due to the progressive herd immunity and not to non-transmissibility by the vaccinated. The CDC writes: “We are still learning how vaccines will affect the spread of Covid-19”. And for this reason “after being fully vaccinated you should continue to take precautions in public places such as wearing a mask, staying away from others”. However, many are in a hurry to resume economic activity and return to work. So Texas has abolished all restrictions starting March 10 when all activities will be able to resume without any limitation, from restaurants to gyms, from schools to cinemas.

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