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Helping The Planet: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

The planet is choking on plastic, but its production is only growing as well as the amount of other pollution that is harmful to human health. To stop this process, you can start with small but very important steps.

Many of us would like to help the planet, but at first glance, this task may seem global and daunting. But everyone is able to change the world for the better – and here’s how to do it.

Refusal from disposable plastic

Plastic is the most dangerous waste. Depending on its type, it will decompose over 100-500 years. But it’s not just the duration of the process itself: during decomposition, plastic poisons water and soil with formaldehyde, phenol and other harmful substances. And after all, he has long and firmly established himself in our life. Every second, 20 thousand plastic bottles are produced in the world. And at every stage of its life cycle, plastic poses a threat to your health .

The solution is to use reusable plastic. But we like the idea of ​​buying only those goods for the production and packaging of which bioplastics are used much more. It is made from corn and sugarcane: it does not harm either health or nature.

Minimum spontaneous clothing purchases

The “Nothing to wear, but no closet space” lifestyle is not just detrimental to your finances. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The planet can only be saved by sustainable fashion, which, fortunately, is already gaining popularity. Of course, it is pushing for a reduction in the production of polyester, which is made from crude oil. Chemical dyes, toxic leaks and non-biodegradability are at least three reasons to switch to recycled plastic and sustainable cotton clothing.

But this is not enough. Most brands report overproduction, which can be stopped by conscious shopping. Massive spontaneous purchases destroy individuality. You have not yet had time to figure out what to combine with a new top or skirt, and your favorite brand obsequiously offers a new collection. Instead of 2-3 new dresses, choose one – vintage or made from quality fabrics that will last more than one season.

Reducing food waste

Queen Elizabeth II, after five o’clock tea, always returns the lemon peel to the kitchen with the words: “I’m sure the chefs will be able to use it even more.” And we don’t suggest rushing to google the zest cake recipe after drinking lemon tea. But reducing food waste by 25% will reduce the total amount of waste on the planet. And to help this, you just need to be conscious about buying products. For example, take fewer fruits and vegetables if half of them go bad before you eat them. Plan your menu for the week and only buy what you need.

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Find a new way to travel 

When the number of flights dropped dramatically due to the pandemic, nitrogen oxide emissions decreased proportionally. It is impossible to use green fuels and alternative energy sources in the aviation industry. Therefore, at least as an experiment, try traveling by train. Or explore new locations in your area with a hybrid or electric car rental.

Use recyclable cosmetics

Finding such brands is as easy as shelling pears: today both luxury and mass-market brands are interested in ecology. It can be a refillable perfume like Thierry Mugler or naked lipsticks like Lush. The main thing is that there will be much less garbage in your life. 

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