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Pink Supermoon : the phenomenon that will be seen this April

At the end of the month one of the most attractive phenomena will be appreciated. We tell you what it is about and how you can observe the moon in one of its best moments.

Like all nighttime astronomical phenomena, the pink supermoon is an event that is more than attractive for all those who like to enjoy the stars when they stand out even more for certain natural conditions. If the Moon is already attractive by itself , when this phenomenon occurs it is even more impressive since it is when it becomes closer to the earth.

That causes its size and brightness to be perceived as few times and it will be this month when it can be seen in the sky with a peculiar coloration that gives its name to the event. And there is good news, it is possible to appreciate the natural event. And so you don’t lose track of it, we have prepared a guide with everything you need to keep track of it.

What is the pink supermoon?

With that name, the astronomical phenomenon is called during which the natural satellite of the Earth can be seen as few times and it occurs when the distance between the Moon and the planet is minimal , that is, it reaches its closest point. It is estimated that the distance that separates them is just over 357 thousand kilometers.

This makes the satellite look much larger and brighter than normal. Although we note that it does not take a pink color, the origin of its name is the reason for a different section.

It should be mentioned that it is not the only natural spectacle that will be appreciated in the sky soon, because in the next few days the rain of livid stars is also anticipated , of which we will also explain everything .

Why is it called a pink supermoon?

If you thought that the name came from a coloration with which the moon is visualized during the phenomenon, we regret to tell you that you are wrong, since in reality the way the event has been called comes from the fact that it usually occurs during spring and that also its The presence coincides with the flowering of a pink flower that grows in the United States, where the phenomenon was baptized.

The term pink supermoon was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle, as explained by NASA . The space agency also explains that it is also called a full moon in perigee (because of the position in the orbit that follows) and in some countries it receives other names such as Egg Moon, in Spain or Hanuman Jayanti, in India. In other regions it is also called a fish moon or Easter moon.

And is that the Moon is even rising as a tourist destination thanks to an eccentric friend of Elon Musk who has offered free trips to it.

Meaning of the pink supermoon

Although it is an effect caused by the distance between the Earth and the Mon , the phenomenon has been historically contemplated in the history of the culture of different countries, which usually attribute special characteristics to it given the size with which the moon is seen. it seems to have a greater dimension. The meanings of the pink supermoon are also often linked to religious festivals.

For example, the supermoon is linked to Holy Week and used to be a reference to measure time. It was also used to relate to the flowering cycles of some species. The wild phox flower, whose coloration is pink, usually blooms in the United States when the phenomenon is observed and from there it got its name.

In India, its presence even coincides with the birth of the god Hanuman, which is part of a festival whose start is marked by the astronomical phenomenon.

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How to see the pink supermoon of April 27, 2021?

Fortunately, you do not need special glasses or instruments with a telescope to appreciate the phenomenon. Since it is an effect caused by the closeness of the Moon to the Earth, the supermoon of April 2021 will be perceptible with the naked eye. Astronomers say that it will be enough to have a clear sky to see the Moon in its maximum splendor.

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