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Starlink: Elon Musk’s project to revolutionise our internet connection

Starlink has apparently arrived in Germany, as reported by the t3n.de portal . A Twitter user received a set and established a working internet connection. Elon Musk’s company wants to revolutionize our home internet connection and that in the office and cover the entire inhabited world by the end of 2021.

Starlink: Fast Internet without any cables

After the online payment service (PayPal), the electric car (Tesla) and the private space flight (SpaceX), Musk is trying to connect us even more closely by promising a satellite connection system that can bring ultra-broadband to every corner of the country.

While fiber optic cables are currently scarce in the outskirts of the country, the use of gateways made of parabolic antennas for the provision of services and communication via satellites could make it possible to have a speed of 150 Mbit immediately without breaking roads or upgrading network cabinets to have to. It would be enough to align the dish, buy the right router – that’s it. (Also interesting: Elon Musk Announce that the first Mars inhabitants will use cryptocurrencies)

Everyone should have access to fast Internet – regardless of where they live
Musk’s idea envisions the implementation of a real technological infrastructure consisting of thousands of satellites. These are able to transmit a strong signal with a good bandwidth on earth, thus bridging the digital divide and giving everyone access to ultra-broadband. And that without having to wait for the notorious copper cables.

In this way, Musk would guarantee the operators a stable service that could cover the whole of Germany with low administrative costs – the costs for maintaining and replacing the satellites would be borne by Starlink and shared among all operators in several European countries.

Space X9 Falcon launches the transmitter into orbit in Florida
Compared to other satellite solutions, Starlink plans low latency with smoother usage and better connection stability by using satellites at low altitude that are not affected by geostationary orbit.

Starlinks goal of 10 Gbit per second

Musk’s company initially aimed to offer a 1 Gbps connection – the maximum speed of fiber optics – when all satellites are deployed in orbit. Musk’s company is now even aiming for a speed of 10 Gbit / s (!). The company is already present in the United States and Canada, but had announced expansion in Europe and started applying for the necessary permits in the individual member states. (Worth reading: SpaceX launched a rocket with a record number of satellites on board¬†)

An official date for the start of the service in Germany has not yet been announced. In any case, the Federal Network Agency approved the frequency usage rights in Germany for the US Starlink satellite system from Elon Musk on December 21, 2020. (Also Read: Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction 2021-2025: Bloomberg analyst predicts $50,000 as next stop for Bitcoin )

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