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Switzerland is the most competitive country again

According to IMD World Competitiveness 2021, the Confederation is once again the most competitive country in the world.

Switzerland regained its leadership after falling by several positions in 2020, writes the Switzerland Business portal.

The International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne has recognised Switzerland as the most competitive country in the world.

After the third place in 2020, the Confederation was ranked first in the ranking. The authors of the study appreciated the high competitiveness of the Swiss economy, especially in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Compared to the previous year, Switzerland has managed to improve its performance, labor market and management indicators.

The Confederation was ranked first in the international comparison for infrastructure and education categories.

However, Switzerland was ranked third in health and environment issues. Special attention was paid to the successes of the Confederation in the matter of international investments.

The weak points of the Swiss economy are sectors with increased government influence.

First of all, we are talking about the media sphere, in which compulsory financing in favor of state television and radio destroys fair competition and harms any entrepreneurial initiative.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the watch industry (without the presence of the state) is a competitive exporter.

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Top ten rating

The three most competitive countries in the world, according to IMD World Competitiveness 2021, included Sweden and Denmark – second and third places, respectively.

The study authors praised Sweden’s economic performance when Denmark excelled in international trade, business efficiency and macroeconomic performance.

Top ten countries, according to IMD World Competitiveness 2021:

1. Switzerland;

2. Sweden;

3. Denmark;

4. Netherlands;

5. Singapore;

6. Norway;

7. Hong Kong;

8. Taiwan;

9. UAE;

10. USA.

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