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Global warming is an accelerating problem that the world can’t afford to neglect; it’s not only real, it is also the most serious issue of this generation. The Bahama Islands are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change due to their geographical location.

For this reason, the KINGDOM GOVERNMENT MOVEMENT (KGM) has committed to eliminating carbon emissions. This commitment is part of the KGM’s overall environmental strategy to decrease energy use as much as possible, switch to decarbonized and renewable energy, and offset their remaining CO2 emissions by investing in a CO2 offset program. The KGM has pledged to  become a regular buyer of carbon offsets to negate its impact on the environment. 

Dr. Sir Kevin Charles King, the leader of the KGM,  vows to reduce the island’s carbon footprint by 50% within the first  five years of a KGM-led government.

The Bahamas is a blessed country in terms of its location. The archipelago is a coral-shaped limestone mountain extending like a pearl in a shallow sea.

Many studies have shown that the ocean and its resources created the island’s minerals in a natural process that took millions of years. This shallow sea is a wealth of authentic minerals that are now widely used in consumer products almost too innumerable to mention. Glass, paint, ceramics, jewelry, and plastic are just a few of the products that come from the Bahamas Islands’ natural minerals.

Its main mineral is calcium carbonate, which is a biological and geological element that is a blessing for the Bahamas. For the first time in the BAHAMAS’ history, the KGM will use this resource for the benefit of its citizens. 

The islands’ natural resources serve various purposes; they have industrial, agricultural, household, environmental, health, and dietary applications, to name a few. The KGM will lead the way forward by practicing carbon offsetting to conserve these wonderful natural resources. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint by 50% in the first five years of their governance.

Quote from KGM

“We are the voice of change to a paradigm of progress on a path to a purity of purpose. Bahamas transform! The time is now,” says Dr. King. 

About the Kingdom Government Movement

Dr. Kevin C. King founded the Kingdom Government Movement (KGM) in 2018. The KGM’s philosophy is to uphold the preamble of the Constitution of the Bahamas, which recognizes the Bahamas as a Christian nation under the supremacy of God.

Additional details about the KGM

The KGM seeks to be the first political organization to change the political system and culture in the Bahamas. They pledge to usher in true sovereign independence and financial equality to all citizens of the commonwealth of the Bahamas.

The KGM has a campaign slogan on its website. The name of the campaign is THE KGM SOLUTIONS CAMPAIGN.


KGM Contact Information: 

Website: http://www.thekgm.org

EMAIL: [email protected]

Phone: 1-242-810-2694

Email Address: [email protected]

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