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Tesla’s semi-electric truck probably short before the start of production

Actually, the first fully electric semi trucks from the electric car manufacturer Tesla should have rolled off the assembly line years ago. After years of delay, however, it should really start.

• Semi truck production delayed by years
• The first trucks could roll off the assembly line this year
• Semi truck impresses with its range and cost savings

The Tesla Semi Truck project is moving : several years have now passed since Tesla boss Elon Musk first presented the first fully electric truck in November 2017. At that time, the visionary had promised interested parties that production of the innovative electric trucks would start in 2019. But Corona had thwarted the ambitious plans of the largest car manufacturer in the world.

Is the start of production imminent?

As the industry portal Electrek reported, there would actually be movement in the production of the semi truck. Internal sources reported that the start of production was about to start and that it would go through its final testing phase. Production takes place in the Tesla Giga factory in Nevada, where a building was built especially for this purpose. According to Electrek, the production rate should be five trucks per week, with the first vehicles likely to be used by Tesla itself. At least this was what Musk had announced at the vehicle presentation.
However, pre-orderers are also likely to be impatiently waiting for the e-trucks, which, according to information from the Reuters news portal, include PepsiCo with 100 reservations . The beverage manufacturer expects the first 15 vehicles this year.

Great coverage

The semi truck is not the first fully electric truck to be developed in the world, but the model of the electric pioneer Tesla impresses with its unsurpassed range of 480 kilometers for the variant at a price of 150,000 US dollars and 800 kilometers for the 180,000 US dollar expensive model. A load of up to 36 tons should also not pose a problem for the e-truck. On its own website, Tesla also advertises that the company’s own truck should be safer and more comfortable than any other truck. In addition, the semi truck should enable cost savings of over 200,000 US dollars thanks to its alternative drive system. The truck will also have the popular driver assistance system “improved autopilot”.
From the official side, however, there is no timeline for the start of production of the e-truck. However, as Electrek reports, service technicians are already being sought in the US state of California and the Canadian province of Ontario, which suggests that the first semi trucks should be delivered here. Whether this is actually the case remains to be seen.

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