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The stalemate in front of Imran Khan’s residence continues

The standoff between former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s supporters and police officers near his Lahore home continued for two straight days.
Police in the capital Islamabad is seeking to arrest Khan in a case linked to the sale of government gifts presented by foreign leaders during his tenure as prime minister.
In a video address Wednesday morning, Khan said he was willing to post bail to appear in court on Saturday.

Khan: ‘The alleged arrest is just a drama; the real intention was to kidnap and kill.’

In a tweet on Wednesday, Imran Khan said the police’s attempts to arrest him were “just drama,” and their real intention was “to kidnap and kill.”

“Obviously, the ‘arrest’ claim is just drama because the real intention was kidnapping and murder.” Instead of tear gas and water cannon, they now use a direct fire. I signed the bond last night, but DIG refuses to look at it. There is no doubt about their evil intentions,” he wrote on Twitter.

Ready to give a surety bond to appear in court: Imran Khan

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is willing to give a surety bond that he will appear in court on Saturday; he said in a video address as clashes continued between his supporters and law enforcers.

A lower trial court in the capital, Islamabad, had issued an arrest warrant for Khan for not appearing before it despite several summonses. Khan is accused of unlawfully selling state gifts while in power from 2018 to 2022, but he denies wrongdoing.

In the address early on Wednesday, Khan said there were security concerns at the court he was supposed to appear in Islamabad as there had been two militant attacks there previously.

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