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Curfew and State of Emergency Declared in Miami Beach Following Deadly Shootings

Following two deadly shootings during spring celebrations, authorities in Miami Beach have implemented a curfew beginning on Sunday. Due to difficulties in controlling chaotic crowds, a state of emergency has also been declared, affecting the popular party location for spring breakers – South Beach. In a news release, officials announced that a curfew would be in place from 11:59 pm on Sunday (March 19) until 6:00 am on Monday (March 20). There will also be an additional curfew from Thursday (March 23) until the following Monday (March 27). The city commission plans to discuss further restrictions next week.

According to CBS News, the decision to impose a curfew and declare a state of emergency was made in response to two separate shootings that occurred on Friday night and early Sunday morning, resulting in two fatalities and chaos among the crowds.

In light of these events, the authorities in Miami Beach are taking swift action to ensure public safety and maintain order. It is hoped that the implementation of the curfew and other measures will help to prevent further incidents and allow visitors to enjoy their time in the city without fear or disruption.

One fatality, one injury, and arrest of suspect in recent Shooting Incident

Surveillance footage captured a shooting on Ocean Drive in South Beach around 3:30 am on Sunday morning, according to the Miami Beach police.

The victim was shot multiple times without provocation and later died at Jackson Memorial Hospital, while a second victim sustained injuries but was treated at the scene and released.

The suspect, identified in the arrest report as “Dontavivous Polk,” fled on foot and dropped a stolen gun while being chased by a police officer. Another firearm was discovered with the victim, and the suspect is currently facing a first-degree murder charge. As of Sunday, no official charges have been filed.

Friday shooting: One killed, one severely injured

In last week’s shooting, one male victim was killed, while another victim was severely injured, which led hundreds of people to scramble in fear as gunshots rang out.

As per CBS News, one person has been detained, however, no data has been made public.

To who the curfew implies:

The city release says that restaurants can stay open only for delivery.

The curfew doesn’t imply to residents, people going to and from work, emergency services and tourists or hotel guests. 

However, some roads will be closed off and arriving hotels might have to show their ID proofs for identification. 

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