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UK Reviews Security at Indian High Commission After Flag Removal

On Wednesday, British foreign minister James Cleverly announced that the security at the Indian High Commission in London would be reviewed in response to “unacceptable acts of violence” towards the mission’s staff.

The decision was made after India summoned the highest-ranking British diplomat in New Delhi to express its concerns about the actions of “separatist and extremist elements” against its mission in London, as reported by Reuters.

According to Indian media and the BBC, protesters carrying “Khalistan” banners removed the Indian flag from the first-floor balcony of the diplomatic building to protest against recent police actions in Punjab state, India.

On Sunday, crowds gathered outside the Indian High Commission’s building in London, reportedly breaking windows and causing damage. In response, India demanded an explanation for the “complete absence of the British security” around the premises, according to the BBC.

However, on Wednesday, the Indian daily The Hindu reported that at least a hundred police officers were standing guard on both sides of the road outside the High Commission. Despite this increased security presence, around 2,000 protesters waving Khalistan flags gathered outside the Indian High Commission for a planned demonstration. They hurled objects and chanted slogans, creating a tense atmosphere that required uniformed officers to stand guard and patrol the area throughout.

The protesters included turbaned men, as well as some women and children, who had been bused in from different parts of the UK. They chanted pro-Khalistan slogans, referencing an independent Sikh state sought by some groups.

The Indian High Commission in London has been working to counter disinformation circulating around developments in Punjab related to enforcement action against the separatist group ‘Waris Punjab De’.

British foreign minister James Cleverly responded to the situation, stating that a police investigation was ongoing after the acts of violence. Cleverly also assured that the country would make the necessary changes to ensure the safety of the Indian mission’s staff, as it did for demonstrations on Wednesday. This response was reported by Reuters.

The events that took place on Sunday and Wednesday reflect the ongoing tensions between certain groups in the UK and India over issues related to separatism and political autonomy. The UK and India share a complex history, and political tensions are often reflected in public protests and acts of violence. However, the increased security presence and police investigation demonstrate a commitment to resolving conflicts peacefully and ensuring the safety of diplomatic missions.

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