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Taiwan recalls ambassador to Honduras over visit by Foreign Minister to China

Taiwan has recalled its ambassador to Honduras after Honduran Foreign Minister Eduardo Enrique Reina visited China to hold discussions on establishing diplomatic relations with the Chinese government.

In a statement, Taiwan’s foreign ministry expressed disappointment that Honduras had ignored their 80-year friendship and sent their foreign minister to China, which had hurt Taiwan’s government and its people.

The statement added that Taiwan had decided to immediately recall its ambassador to Honduras to express their strong dissatisfaction. Although the Honduran delegation is scheduled to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, Beijing has yet to confirm the visit.

According to China’s “One China” principle, Taiwan is part of its territory to be retaken one day, even by force if necessary. Maintaining official diplomatic relations with both China and Taiwan is prohibited, as per this principle. Taiwan has a similar policy and has severed ties with countries that recognized Beijing.

Last week, Honduran President Castro directed Foreign Minister Reina to establish diplomatic relations with China, a move criticized by Taiwan. Reina cited economic necessity and Taiwan’s refusal to increase financial aid to Honduras as the reasons behind the decision to establish ties with Beijing.

If Honduras does switch recognition, Taiwan would be left with only 13 countries with which it maintains formal diplomatic ties.

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