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Russia Displays Its Nuclear Strength with Yars ICBM Exercises

Russia has commenced exercises utilizing the Yars intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) system and several thousand troops. This move is expected to be perceived as yet another demonstration of Moscow’s nuclear might.

According to a statement from Russia’s defense ministry on the Telegram messaging service on Wednesday, more than 3,000 military personnel and roughly 300 pieces of equipment are participating in the exercises.

The Yars missile system, which replaced the Topol system, is part of Russia’s “invincible weapons” and serves as the backbone of the country’s ground-based nuclear arsenal, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Yars mobile systems will execute maneuvers in three Russian regions during the exercises, the ministry stated, without identifying which regions.

The ministry added that strategic missile-men will collaborate with formations and units from the Central Military District and the Aerospace Forces to execute a range of measures to conceal and counteract modern aerial reconnaissance means.

The Yars mobile ICBM’s tactical and technical characteristics are not widely known, but according to military bloggers, the systems have an operational range of 12,000 km (7,500 miles) and are capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads that can be independently targeted.

These systems can also be mounted on truck carriers or deployed in silos. Russia has conducted numerous military exercises on its own or in collaboration with other nations, such as China or South Africa, since initiating its invasion of Ukraine in February of the previous year.

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