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Modi Aims for Normalized Relations with Pakistan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasizes desire for improved relations with Pakistan ahead of G7 summit in Japan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his country’s aspiration for “normal and neighborly relations” with Pakistan, as he prepares to attend the G7 summit in Hiroshima. However, he reiterated India’s longstanding stance that it is the responsibility of Islamabad to establish an environment free from terrorism and hostilities.

Pakistan has rejected India’s position, cautioning against leveraging terrorism for diplomatic gains. Earlier this month, Pakistan urged India to avoid using terrorism as a tool for scoring points in international relations.

During an interview with Japanese publication Nikkei Asia, Modi also addressed the border standoff between India and China in eastern Ladakh. He emphasized that maintaining peace and tranquility in border regions is crucial for establishing normal bilateral ties with China.

Asserting India’s commitment to safeguarding its sovereignty and dignity, Modi stated that the future development of the India-China relationship must be rooted in mutual respect, sensitivity, and shared interests. He emphasized that normalizing relations would benefit not only the region but also the global community.

Regarding India’s economy, the Prime Minister highlighted its remarkable growth, positioning it among the world’s fastest-growing economies. He emphasized that India has ascended from being the 10th-largest economy in 2014 to now ranking as the fifth-largest globally. Modi’s government aims to transform India into a developed nation within the next 25 years.

Addressing the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Modi expressed India’s unwavering commitment to peace. He stated that India stands firmly on the side of peace and is dedicated to supporting those facing challenges in meeting their basic needs, particularly in light of escalating costs of food, fuel, and fertilizers. Modi emphasized the importance of cooperation and collaboration in defining the current era, advocating against conflict.

John Collins
John Collins
John is an esteemed journalist and author renowned for their incisive reporting and deep insights into global affairs. As a prominent contributor to City Telegraph, John brings over 5 years of experience covering diverse geopolitical landscapes, from the corridors of power in major capitals to the frontlines of conflict zones.

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