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Relocation of Homeless Families from London Hotel During Beyoncé Tour

Relocation of Homeless Families from London Travelodge During Beyoncé Tour

Several homeless families currently housed in a Travelodge in north London are set to be relocated as the venue prepares to host Beyoncé concerts at the end of the month. The local council has been unable to extend their bookings, necessitating the families’ move to alternative temporary accommodations.

Approximately 30 families, constituting two-thirds of the hotel’s occupancy, face displacement from the Enfield Travelodge. These families, who reported themselves as homeless to Enfield council, currently occupy around 100 rooms, some of which accommodate up to four or five individuals.

The council’s failure to secure an extension for the affected families coincided with the upcoming Beyoncé Renaissance world tour, which includes five performances at the nearby Tottenham Hotspur stadium between May 29th and June 4th. Consequently, the rooms originally reserved for the families have been booked by other individuals attending the concerts.

It is worth noting that Travelodge rooms can only be booked for a maximum of 28 days, and in the past, families have faced similar relocation challenges when the council failed to rebook before major local events. This disruptive process has often resulted in children missing school as families hastily relocate.

Concerns about the potential impact of Beyoncé’s tour on the families housed at the Travelodge were privately expressed by Enfield council. The news of relocation has been met with distress by affected families, including Collette Collington, a mother residing in the Travelodge with her four-year-old daughter and two-year-old twin sons, who have autism. She was informed that she would be moved to a Travelodge in Hertfordshire and would not return to Enfield until June 4th.

The sudden change and lack of stability have been particularly distressing for Collington and her children, who require routine and consistency due to their additional needs. Collington expressed frustration at the council’s management of the situation, describing it as unpredictable and unsettling.

Similar incidents have occurred in recent weeks, with families left stranded after their bookings ended. One mother and her three children found themselves outside the hotel with all their belongings for nearly 12 hours before being directed to a Travelodge in Hertfordshire.

Some families have been residing in the hotel for an extended period, surpassing the legal limit of six weeks. Piotr Rembikowski, a wheelchair user who lost his privately rented property in a fire, has been living in the Travelodge with his wife and two sons since August of the previous year.

Collington, who became homeless due to a rent increase from her private landlord, expressed her shock at the number of families in similar circumstances. While grateful for having a roof over her head, she highlighted the cramped living conditions, particularly concerning the care of her two sons, who still require formula milk.

Enfield Council acknowledged the suboptimal nature of hotel accommodations for families and reiterated their ongoing efforts to address the shortage of affordable housing. Travelodge, which has been collaborating with the Enfield council to provide short-term accommodation, expressed willingness to support the council’s efforts and emphasized the availability of rooms at the Enfield and nearby hotels for the relevant dates.

The relocation of homeless families from the Travelodge during the Beyoncé tour underscores the challenges faced in providing stable accommodations and the need for long-term solutions to address the housing crisis.

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