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Discussion on Stricter Regulations for Holiday Rentals in York

Upcoming Meeting in York to Discuss Stricter Regulations for Holiday Rentals

A meeting is scheduled to take place in York later this week to address the topic of imposing tighter rules on holiday lets within the city. Rachael Maskell, the Member of Parliament for York, will be hosting the meeting, expressing concerns about the impact of short-term rentals on local residents.

Several measures will be brought up for discussion during the consultation, including the implementation of a registration scheme and the requirement of planning permission for operating a holiday home. While some owners are supportive of stricter regulations, emphasizing their importance for the local economy, others raise concerns about potential barriers for entrepreneurs and the involvement of planning committees and consultations.

Rachael Maskell, the Labour MP for York Central, is sponsoring new legislation aimed at licensing short-term and holiday let properties. During a speech in the House of Commons, she highlighted the presence of approximately 2,000 Airbnbs in her constituency, with some being rented out as “party houses.”

Airbnb responded to the concerns by stating that the majority of hosts in the UK rent out their properties for an average of only two nights per month to supplement their income. They also expressed their support for regulation and proposed a national register to assist local authorities in effectively managing home sharing.

One property owner, John Wright, emphasized the vital role played by holiday lets in the city’s economy. He pointed out the symbiotic relationship between holiday rentals and local businesses, such as bars and artisan bakeries, where visitors with disposable income contribute to a thriving local economy.

Recently appointed council leader Claire Douglas, a member of the Labour Party, expressed her commitment to expanding landlord licensing and reducing the prevalence of Airbnb and short-term holiday rentals in the city, particularly in areas where they currently dominate.

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