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Peruvian Police Find Cocaine Bricks with Nazi Symbols

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Peruvian Police Seize Cocaine Bricks with Nazi Symbols: Peruvian authorities have confiscated 58kg of cocaine headed for Belgium. The drugs were hidden in packages bearing Nazi symbols and Hitler’s name. The seizure took place in a port town near Ecuador, and no arrests have been reported. Peru is one of the world’s largest cocaine producers, with an annual production of 400 tonnes.

Peruvian Police Seize Cocaine Bricks with Nazi Symbols

Peru’s anti-narcotics police have confiscated 58kg (127 pounds) of cocaine intended for Belgium. The packages carrying the drugs displayed Nazi symbols and the name of Germany’s wartime leader, Hitler.

The cocaine, divided into 50 brick-sized packages, featured Nazi swastikas, as shown in pictures released by the police. Some of the packages were open, revealing the word “Hitler” imprinted on the compressed white powder.

The drugs were discovered in a Liberian-flagged boat in the small port town of Paita, near the Ecuadorian border. The ship had arrived from Guayaquil, a major transit point for South American drugs bound for the United States and Europe.

No arrests have been reported by the police.

Peruvian authorities shared videos and photos with the Associated Press, revealing that the drugs were concealed within the container’s ventilation system. The search for more drugs continues among the 80-plus containers on the vessel.

Finding drugs wrapped in Nazi insignia is a new occurrence for Peruvian police, who have previously encountered cocaine packaged in brick shapes with various unusual symbols.

According to official data, Peru is the world’s second-largest cocaine producer after its neighboring country, Colombia, with an annual production of approximately 400 tonnes. The nation is also a significant producer of coca leaves, which are legally used for chewing or infusion but are also a primary ingredient in cocaine.

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