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Emergency Services Strained as Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Event Pushes Limits

Emergency Services Overwhelmed as Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Extreme Sports Event Tests Limits

A safety advisory group has expressed concern over the strain placed on emergency services during a thrilling cheese rolling event in Gloucestershire. Taking place near Gloucester on Monday, the event witnessed hundreds of competitors chasing a hefty 7lb (3kg) cheese down Coopers Hill.

Unfortunately, numerous participants sustained injuries ranging from broken ankles to concussions, a broken leg, and even a suspected seizure. The Tewkesbury Borough Safety Group (SAG), responsible for monitoring safety at public events, announced that the police and fire services would no longer provide staffing until the organizers devised a comprehensive safety plan.

According to the SAG’s statement, six individuals required ambulance transportation to hospitals following the event. The influx of double-crewed ambulances and rapid response vehicles necessitated police escorts to navigate through the densely packed crowds. This situation placed a significant burden on the resources of both Gloucestershire Constabulary and the South West Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust for an extended period.

While the SAG stated that they neither possessed the desire nor the authority to halt the event, they urged the organizers to develop a robust safety plan. In the meantime, the police, fire, and ambulance services will not be present at the event, although they will, of course, respond to any emergencies that may arise, the SAG clarified.

This annual spectacle draws thousands of spectators, including visitors from around the world, adding to the event’s international appeal.

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