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Netanyahu Urges Prompt Action on Overhauling Israel’s Judiciary This Week

Netanyahu to Take “Active Steps” on Israel’s Judicial Overhaul Following Compromise Talks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced his intention to take “active steps” this week regarding the controversial judicial overhaul in Israel. Netanyahu expressed frustration with months of unproductive compromise talks with the political opposition and vowed to push for progress. The proposed reforms, introduced after Netanyahu’s coalition assumed power in December, seek to curtail some powers of the Supreme Court and increase government influence over judicial appointments.

The reforms sparked widespread protests, with critics accusing Netanyahu of undermining judicial independence. Facing concerns from foreign allies and the impact on Israel’s economy, Netanyahu suspended the reforms in March to engage in compromise discussions. However, with little progress made, Netanyahu expressed his readiness to move forward with the changes, aiming to strike a balance between government branches and address perceived court overreach.

Netanyahu highlighted the necessity for changes in the judicial system, asserting that a significant portion of Israeli society supports reform. With his coalition holding a majority in parliament, the ratification of reform bills appears feasible. However, opposition leader Yair Lapid cautioned that Netanyahu’s majority may not be assured, pointing to recent secret ballot votes in favor of an opposition lawmaker joining the Judicial Appointments Committee.

Lapid warned that if Netanyahu proceeds unilaterally, he will lead a government representing less than half of Israel’s population, economy, defense establishment, and parliament. The situation remains fluid as Netanyahu prepares to advance the judicial overhaul, considering the complexities and potential opposition within the political landscape.

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John Collins
John Collins
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