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German Man in Bulletproof Vest Attempts to Enter Paraguay’s U.S. Embassy

On Tuesday, a German individual wearing a bulletproof vest was apprehended when attempting to enter the U.S. Embassy in Paraguay without the required documentation. Subsequently, law enforcement discovered two firearms and ammunition in the individual’s vehicle.

The arrested man, Philipp Kolberg, revealed to authorities that he sought political asylum due to receiving threats, as stated by Gilberto Fleitas, the commander of the Paraguayan police.

“According to Kolberg’s version, he called the embassy asking to speak to a diplomatic representative but the person who attended his call said he should contact the German embassy,” said Fleitas.

Subsequently, Kolberg proceeded to drive his vehicle to the front of the U.S. Embassy in Asuncion, where he was detained by both police officers and private security personnel due to his lack of appointment or necessary documents, according to his statement.

Upon inspecting the vehicle, authorities discovered a Glock pistol, a rifle equipped with a telescopic sight, a drone, and an estimated quantity of 30 to 50 bullets, as reported by Fleitas.

As of now, Kolberg has not provided any comments to the press.

Fleitas stated, “We are currently in communication with the German consulate (in Asuncion) to gather further information regarding this individual.”

At present, the U.S. Embassy in Paraguay has not released an official statement on the matter.

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