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Uber Driver Fatally Shot by Woman Mistakenly Believing Kidnapping, Police Say

Kentucky Woman Accused of Fatally Shooting Uber Driver in Tragic Misunderstanding

In a shocking turn of events, a Kentucky woman has been arrested and charged with murder after allegedly shooting her Uber driver in West Texas. According to police reports, Phoebe Copas, 48, mistakenly believed she was being kidnapped and taken to Mexico, leading to the tragic incident.

Phoebe Copas is currently held in custody in El Paso, Texas, where the shooting took place. She is facing charges in the death of 52-year-old Daniel Piedra Garcia, the Uber driver who tragically lost his life in the incident.

Details surrounding the case reveal that the shooting occurred on June 16 while Piedra was driving Copas to a destination in far southeast El Paso. Copas, who hails from Tompkinsville, Kentucky, was visiting her boyfriend in El Paso at the time, as confirmed by authorities.

During the ride, Copas reportedly noticed traffic signs indicating “Juarez, Mexico,” referring to the city across the U.S.-Mexico border from El Paso. Fearing that she was being kidnapped and taken to Mexico, Copas allegedly retrieved a handgun from her purse and shot Piedra in the head. The vehicle subsequently crashed into barriers before coming to a halt on a freeway.

Authorities investigating the incident have determined that the crash site was not in close proximity to a bridge, port of entry, or any area providing immediate access to Mexico. As a result, they stated that their investigation does not support the claim that a kidnapping had occurred or that Piedra deviated from Copas’ intended destination.

In a distressing revelation, it was revealed that Copas took a photo of Piedra after the shooting and texted it to her boyfriend before contacting emergency services.

Piedra fought for his life and was hospitalized for several days before his family made the heartbreaking decision to remove him from life support upon medical advice.

Describing the victim, Piedra’s niece, Didi Lopez, shared fond memories, saying, “He was a hardworking man and really funny. He was never in a bad mood. He was always the one that, if he saw you in a bad mood, he’d come over and try to lift you up.”

Initially charged with aggravated assault, Copas is now facing a murder charge following Piedra’s death. She remains in jail in El Paso on a $1.5 million bond. No attorney has been listed for her in court and jail records at this time.

As the community mourns the loss of Daniel Piedra Garcia, his family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to support them during this difficult time. The campaign highlights that Piedra was the sole provider for his family and had recently returned to work after recovering from an injury sustained in his previous job.

“I wish she would’ve spoken up, asked questions, not acted on impulse and made a reckless decision, because not only did she ruin our lives, but she ruined her life, too,” Lopez said. “We just want justice for him. That’s all we’re asking.”

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