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Prigozhin’s Failed Rebellion Results in Complete Loss of Investments in Syria

Unnamed sources within the Syrian government informed the Russian news agency Russia Today that there are no longer any Wagner fighters present in Syria. They further stated that all Wagner activities in the country have been terminated.

According to Syrian officials, the territories under the control of Damascus now only host operations by large Russian state-owned companies and units from the Russian regular army.

Their primary base of operations is located at the Khmeimim airport. Russia Today highlights that Russian investigators have questioned military personnel stationed at Khmeimim who had previous associations with the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC), but no arrests have been made.

Earlier, the Syrian opposition claimed that following a rebellion led by Prigozhin, the Russian military police had apprehended three commanders of PMC units stationed in Syria.

The Israeli news website Nziv, which specializes in the Middle East, reports that in early 2018, Prigozhin made substantial investments in the development of three oil fields situated in the Syrian desert. The funds were transferred to the Assad regime’s budget through companies named Vilada and Mercury.

According to the Israeli news website Nziv, Prigozhin, through his companies Acropolis and Capital, obtained shares in operational oil fields that were recaptured from ISIS in early 2018.

Under an agreement with the Assad regime, Prigozhin is entitled to 25% of the income generated from these investments. Wagner mercenaries had previously provided protection for these facilities.

In mid-2020, Novaya Gazeta published an investigation revealing that Prigozhin receives approximately $20 million per month from the sale of Syrian natural resources.

Russian opposition leader Mark Feygin stated on June 26 that the owner of the PMC manages funds and assets worth $15 billion.

In a recent report, The Wall Street Journal states that Russian officials have traveled to Mali, the Central African Republic, and Syria to assume control of commercial facilities owned by the owner of Wagner.

Within Russia itself, the seizure of Prigozhin’s property began shortly after the failed rebellion. As a result, the operations of the notorious “troll factory,” owned by Prigozhin, have been paralyzed for nearly a week.

Employees of Prigozhin’s numerous media companies are expecting an imminent change of ownership. According to them, management will be replaced at Patriot Holding, which is owned by Prigozhin.

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