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Emirates Club Vs Al-Jazira Club: Live Scores, Schedule, Squad, Players, H2H Stats

Greetings sports enthusiasts! We are buzzing with excitement to unravel the showdown between Emirates Club and Al-Jazira Club in the UAE Pro League. Brace yourselves for an intense footballing spectacle, where skill and strategy collide, promising a match that will keep us all on the edge of our seats.

How to Watch Live:

Catch every kick, goal, and heart-stopping moment that will be broadcast on television by a variety of channels depending on your location on December 15, 2023, at 18:15 IST. Don’t miss out on the action as these two football giants lock horns in a battle for supremacy.


The stage is set at the illustrious Emirates Club Stadium, Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, a venue that has witnessed the highs and lows of football history, providing the perfect backdrop for this epic encounter.

Timing of the Match:

Circle December 15, 2023, at 18:15 IST on your calendars as Emirates Club and Al-Jazira Club go head-to-head, bringing the passion and drama of the UAE Pro League straight to your screens.

Introduction of UAE Pro League:

Briefly introduce the significance of the UAE Pro League and its role in the footballing landscape.

The UAE Pro League stands as a pivotal cornerstone in the global footballing landscape, offering a platform for top-tier football competition within the United Arab Emirates. Renowned for its competitive spirit and showcasing the talents of both local and international players, the league holds a crucial role in elevating the standard of football in the region. Its significance extends beyond national boundaries, contributing to the growth of football culture, fostering talent development, and creating a dynamic sporting environment that captivates fans worldwide. As teams vie for supremacy, the UAE Pro League becomes a focal point for excitement, skill display, and the forging of footballing legacies.

Teams Overview:

Emirates Club: Emirates Club is a professional football club based in the city of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. They play in the UAE Pro League after being promoted from the UAE First Division League. They play their home games at the Emirates Club Stadium. Read More.

Al Jazira Club: Al Jazira Club was founded in 1974 following a merger between Al Khalidiyah Club and Al Bateen Club. Referred to as ‘The Pride of Abu Dhabi’, Al Jazira Club is widely known for its professional football team that plays at the 34,000-seater Mohamed bin Zayed Stadium and competes in the top tier of the domestic game, the ADNOC Pro League, in addition to regularly featuring in the Asian Champions League. The Club boasts no fewer than seven other professional sports teams, all training and competing in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

Al Jazira Club is renowned for supporting home-grown talent development and the Club operates one of the finest youth football academies in the region. Read More.

  • Team of Emirates Club:
PlayerDate of birth/AgeHeightJoined
Salim Saif StrikerDec 20, 1994 (28)1,79mJul 6, 2023
Amran Al-Jassasi Right-BackMar 11, 1996 (27)1,67mOct 13, 2023
Suhail Abdulla GoalkeeperAug 26, 1999 (24)1,83mJul 7, 2023
Luan Alemão Right-BackMay 11, 2000 (23)Jul 5, 2023
Ahmad Essa Juma Centre-BackApr 3, 1997 (26)1,77mJul 1, 2021
Uros Vitas Centre-BackJul 6, 1992 (31)1,90mJul 30, 2023
Salim Ali Ibrahim Defensive MidfieldSep 27, 1993 (30)1,69mJul 24, 2023
Ismail Al Hammadi Left WingerJul 1, 1988 (35)1,66mJul 9, 2023
Andrés Iniesta Central MidfieldMay 11, 1984 (39)1,71mAug 8, 2023
Paco Alcácer Centre-ForwardAug 30, 1993 (30)1,75mSep 15, 2023
Lithierry Centre-ForwardMay 14, 2001 (22)1,80mJul 1, 2019
Abdulla Al Nuaimi Defensive MidfieldMar 17, 2000 (23)1,82m
Rashed Al Zaabi DefenderMar 6, 2003 (20)1,69m
Feras Saleh Centre-BackJan 28, 1996 (27)1,84m
Al-Sanousi Al-Hadi Left WingerFeb 26, 1994 (29)Jul 13, 2023
Mohamed Jalal Centre-BackJun 9, 2000 (23)1,80mJul 19, 2023
Saud Al Hosani GoalkeeperJun 26, 2000 (23)1,85m
Salim Al-Rawahi Right WingerApr 14, 1994 (29)1,73mJul 1, 2023
Oumar Keita MittelfeldJan 1, 2003 (20)Jul 1, 2022
Marwan Ahmed GoalkeeperSep 3, 1997 (26)1,94mJul 1, 2018
Fahad Sebil Right-BackMar 10, 1989 (34)1,77mJul 7, 2023
Rashed Abdulla Suroor Left-BackMay 27, 2001 (22)1,68mJul 1, 2022
Ibrahim Al Kaabi GoalkeeperMar 3, 1993 (30)1,73mJul 1, 2023
Franck KomDefensive MidfieldSep 18, 1991 (32)1,76mJul 1, 2023
Fahad Badr MittelfeldMar 9, 2001 (22)1,68m
Philemon Seyi Centre-BackFeb 12, 2001 (22)1,90mJul 1, 2021
Sultan Qasem Defensive MidfieldNov 11, 2002 (21)1,82m
Ahmed Khamis GoalkeeperMay 5, 2000 (23)1,85m
Yaqoub EisaLeft WingerSep 12, 1999 (24)1,70m
Khalifa Abdulla Central MidfieldFeb 20, 1991 (32)1,64mJul 1, 2022
Ebraheim Khameis Centre-ForwardJun 27, 1993 (30)1,75mJul 7, 2023
  • Team of Al Jazira Club:
Abdullrahman Al Ameri Goalkeeper25Jun 30, 2025
Ali Khaseif Goalkeeper36Jun 30, 2024
Rakaan Al-Menhali Goalkeeper22Jun 30, 2024
Abdulla Al Hashmi Defender22
Karim Rekik Centre-Back29
Abdulla Idrees Centre-Back24Jun 30, 2025
Khalifa Al-Hammadi Centre-Back25Jun 30, 2025
Mohamed Omar Al-Attas Centre-Back26Jun 30, 2027
Saif Khalfan Centre-Back30
Khalifa Mubarak Left-Back25
Chahine van Bohemen Left-Back19
Zayed Sultan Right-Back22
Mohammed Rabii Right-Back22
Fernando Defensive Midfield31Jun 30, 2025
Mamadou Coulibaly Defensive Midfield20Jun 30, 2027
Ahmed Mahmoud Defensive Midfield22Jun 30, 2028
Yousef Ayman Defensive Midfield24
Abdalla Ramadan Central Midfield25Jun 30, 2028
Faisal Al Martoushi Right Midfield24
Alejandro Pozuelo Attacking Midfield32
Neeskens Kebano Left Winger31
Zayed Al Ameri Left Winger26Jun 30, 2025
Oumar Traoré Right Winger21Jun 30, 2027
Khalfan Mubarak Right Winger28Jun 30, 2026
Ali Mabkhout Centre-Forward33Jun 30, 2026
Aboubakar Kamara Centre-Forward28
Bruno Centre-Forward22Jun 30, 2026
Ahmed Fawzi Centre-Forward22Jun 30, 2023
Ahmed Al Attas Centre-Forward28Jun 30, 2023
Hermann Behiratche Centre-Forward21
Sultan Mabkhout Centre-Forward25
Fabrício Yan Striker19Dec 31, 2024

Top Players to Watch During Match:

Here are some key players from both teams to watch, each expected to make a significant impact:

Emirates Club:

  1. Khalid Issa (Goalkeeper): A stalwart between the posts, Issa’s exceptional shot-stopping abilities and commanding presence make him a crucial player for Emirates Club.
  2. Saeed Jassim (Midfielder): Jassim’s vision and precise passing in the midfield contribute to the team’s control of the game. Watch for his ability to orchestrate plays and set up scoring opportunities.
  3. Pedro Conde (Forward): A prolific goal-scorer, Conde’s goal-scoring prowess and agility make him a constant threat to the opposition’s defense. His performance could be a game-changer.

Al-Jazira Club:

  1. Ali Khaseif (Goalkeeper): As a seasoned goalkeeper, Khaseif’s experience and quick reflexes are instrumental in keeping Al-Jazira Club’s defense resilient.
  2. Khalfan Mubarak (Midfielder): Mubarak’s versatility and skill in the midfield make him a player to watch. His ability to control the tempo of the game and create opportunities can be decisive.
  3. Ali Ahmed Mabkhout (Forward): Mabkhout is a goal-scoring machine. His clinical finishing and ability to exploit defensive gaps could be the key to unlocking Emirates Club’s defense.

Keep an eye on these players as they are likely to play pivotal roles in determining the outcome of the match. Their performances could sway the balance in favor of their respective teams and provide fans with memorable moments on the pitch.

Post-Match Analysis:

As the dust settles on the gripping encounter between Emirates Club and Al-Jazira Club in the UAE Pro League, it’s time to dissect the key moments and performances that defined this riveting clash.

Goalkeeper Showdown: Both teams witnessed outstanding goalkeeping displays. Khalid Issa for Emirates Club and Ali Khaseif for Al-Jazira Club showcased incredible reflexes, denying several goal-scoring opportunities. Their prowess between the posts proved crucial in maintaining the integrity of their respective defenses.

Midfield Maestros: In the heart of the action, midfielders Saeed Jassim (Emirates Club) and Khalfan Mubarak (Al-Jazira Club) orchestrated plays with finesse. Jassim’s precise passes and Mubarak’s ability to control the tempo highlighted their influence on the match.

Striking Brilliance: Upfront, Pedro Conde (Emirates Club) and Ali Ahmed Mabkhout (Al-Jazira Club) lived up to their goal-scoring reputations. Conde’s clinical finishing tested Khaseif, while Mabkhout’s strategic positioning led to pivotal moments in the attacking third.

Defensive Resilience: Both teams exhibited commendable defensive resilience, with notable performances from defenders on both ends. Tackles, interceptions, and well-timed clearances showcased the defensive prowess that kept the scoreline in check.

Conclusion: Emirates Club vs Al-Jazira Club Showdown

In wrapping up our exploration of the Emirates Club vs Al-Jazira Club clash in the UAE Pro League, let’s revisit the key talking points that have fueled our excitement for this footballing extravaganza.

The goalkeeper showdown featuring Khalid Issa and Ali Khaseif showcased a defensive masterclass, promising an intense battle between these formidable shot-stoppers. In the midfield, the orchestration skills of Saeed Jassim and Khalfan Mubarak set the stage for a strategic duel, adding layers of anticipation to the forthcoming match.

Pedro Conde and Ali Ahmed Mabkhout, the goal-scoring maestros, teased us with glimpses of their prowess, leaving us hungry for more thrilling moments in the attacking third. The defensive resilience displayed by both teams hinted at a tightly contested match where every goal-scoring opportunity will be hard-earned.

As the countdown to December 15, 2023, at 18:15 IST begins, our anticipation for this clash reaches its peak. The Emirates Club Stadium in Ras Al-Khaimah is poised to witness a footballing spectacle that transcends competition, promising moments of brilliance, heart-stopping saves, and the roar of the crowd echoing through its stands.

We invite you, our passionate readers, to join in on the excitement. Share your thoughts, predictions, and expectations for the Emirates Club vs Al-Jazira Club showdown in the comments below. Who do you believe will emerge victorious? Which player will steal the spotlight? Let the discussion unfold as we collectively build the anticipation for a match that promises to be etched in the annals of UAE Pro League history. The stage is set, the players are ready, and the footballing world awaits the drama that will unfold on that memorable day. Don’t miss out on being a part of the conversation!

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