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Titans Vs Thalaivas tonight! Player Battel Pawan’s raids or Sagar’s tackles? – PKL

In the dynamic realm of Pro Kabaddi 2023, a crucial showdown is on the horizon as Tamil Thalaivas go head-to-head with Telugu Titans in Match No. 21. This battle, scheduled for December 13 in Bengaluru, holds immense significance for both struggling teams vying for a breakthrough.

Current Standings

Tamil Thalaivas have experienced a mixed bag of outcomes in PKL 10, securing a victory against Dabang Delhi but facing defeat against Bengal Warriors. Positioned at eleventh in the points table, they are determined to reshape their destiny and gain momentum in today’s match.

On the flip side, the Telugu Titans, following their customary trend, find themselves at the bottom of the table with three consecutive losses in the current edition. Pawan Sehrawat and his team are in dire straits, eager to reverse their fortunes and secure a coveted playoff spot this time.

Head-to-Head Record

A glance at the historical head-to-head record between Tamil Thalaivas and Telugu Titans in PKL reveals a closely contested rivalry. With 12 clashes, Thalaivas secured victory in six matches, Titans in five, and one ending in a tie. In this pivotal encounter, both teams strive to gain the upper hand and level the head-to-head record.

Last Three Encounters

Recent history favors Tamil Thalaivas, winning the last three encounters convincingly. In the most recent clash in season 9, Thalaivas secured a resounding victory with Ajinkya Pawar amassing an impressive 20 points, complemented by Narender’s contribution of 10 points.

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In the preceding season, Thalaivas continued their winning streak with Ajinkya once again leading the charge with 12 points. Sagar added eight points to the tally, while Siddharth Desai fought valiantly for the Titans, scoring 14 points.

The last meeting in season 8 witnessed another comprehensive win for the Thalaivas, underscoring their consistent performance against the Titans.

Summary of Last Three Matches:

  • December 03, 2022: TAM (52) beat TEL (24) by 28 points.
  • November 05, 2022: TAM (39) beat TEL (31) by 8 points.
  • February 03, 2022: TAM (43) beat TEL (25) by 18 points.

This clash promises intense action, strategic moves, and a battle for redemption as both teams strive to make their mark in Pro Kabaddi 2023.

The Battle for Redemption and Glory

As the Telugu Titans clash swords with the Tamil Thalaivas, the stakes are higher than ever. The narrative of this encounter extends beyond just the points table, encapsulating a determined quest for redemption and glory.

The Titans’ Struggle

Telugu Titans find themselves in a precarious position, having faced three defeats in as many matches. This winless streak makes this clash against Tamil Thalaivas a defining moment for Pawan Sehrawat and his team. The Titans are not merely playing for points; they are fighting to break free from the shackles of defeat and establish their dominance in Pro Kabaddi Season 10.

Thalaivas’ Momentum

Tamil Thalaivas, buoyed by their recent victory against Dabang Delhi, enter this clash with a sense of momentum. The youthful roster, led by the dynamic Sagar Rathee, is eager to capitalize on Telugu Titans’ struggles and secure another triumph. The Thalaivas see this match not just as an opportunity to accumulate points but as a decisive step toward their quest for the Pro Kabaddi silverware.

Player Battles That Will Shape the Contest

1. Pawan Sehrawat vs. Sagar Rathee

Pawan Sehrawat, the high-flying raider, faces off against Sagar Rathee, the stalwart defender. With Pawan’s raiding prowess and Sagar’s defensive acumen, this battle promises to be the pivot around which the entire match revolves. Can Pawan outsmart Sagar, or will the captain of Thalaivas thwart the Titans’ raiding maestro?

2. Narendar Khandola vs. Milad Jabbari

Narendar Khandola, the emerging poster boy, squares off against Milad Jabbari, the Iranian sensation. The clash of pace, skill, and tactical acumen between these two promises to add a layer of intrigue to the match. Will Narendar continue his stellar form, or can Milad prove to be the Titans’ secret weapon?

3. Rajnish Dalal vs. Sahil Gulia

Rajnish Dalal, the promising support raider, takes on Sahil Gulia, the seasoned defender. As Rajnish aims to elevate his performance, Sahil stands as a potential threat to the Titans’ raiders. Will Rajnish meet the team’s expectations, or can Sahil further solidify Thalaivas’ defensive stronghold?


As the Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium prepares to host this intense battle, fans are in for a treat. It’s not just a match; it’s a narrative of redemption, a saga of glory, and a testament to the resilience of both Telugu Titans and Tamil Thalaivas. This clash transcends statistics; it embodies the spirit of Pro Kabaddi and the unwavering determination of these two teams. Stay tuned for what promises to be a spectacle of skill, strategy, and sheer kabaddi brilliance.

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