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Cricket World Cup venues to upgrade: Imported grass, outfields, floodlights

Several enhancements and renovations are planned for the venues hosting the ICC 50-over World Cup games in October-November. In Mumbai, new floodlights and corporate boxes will be installed, along with a relaid pitch.

Lucknow will also relay its pitches, addressing the criticism received during the IPL, while Kolkata will see upgraded dressing rooms.

Dharamsala aims to improve its outfield by introducing imported grass, and Pune will have a new makeshift roof. Additionally, Delhi will benefit from an upgraded ticketing system and improved toilets.

The World Cup games will take place in various cities, including Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Dharamsala, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Kolkata. Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram will host warm-up games.

Venue-Specific Upgrades for ICC 50-over World Cup Games

Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai: Revamping for a Memorable Tournament

  • Outfield relaid for optimal playing conditions
  • Installation of new LED lighting for enhanced visibility
  • Renovation of corporate boxes and toilets to elevate the spectator experience

MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai: Advancements to Ensure World-Class Matches

  • Introduction of new LED lights for improved illumination
  • Excavation and implantation of two red soil pitches to enhance gameplay

Lucknow: Addressing Criticisms and Elevating the Game

  • Pitch relaying to address previous criticisms and ensure quality play
  • Proud host of India’s game against England, promising an exciting clash

Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi: Revitalizing Comfort and Amenities

  • Refurbishment of seating and toilets for enhanced spectator comfort
  • Upgrades to elevate the overall stadium experience

Progress Update: HPCA Stadium, Dharamsala – Ready to Shine

  • Completion of extensive renovations, signaling readiness for five World Cup games
  • New drainage system with 6,000 meters of specialized pipes for efficient rainwater management
  • Incorporation of an air-evacuation system to swiftly remove excess rainwater
  • Outfield enhanced with ryegrass, perfect for the region’s cold weather conditions

Dharamsala’s HPCA Stadium: Innovative Upgrades for Unparalleled Playing Conditions

Ryegrass and Paspalum Blend: A Winning Combination

  • Ryegrass seeds are sown during winter at temperatures ranging from 3 to 15 degrees Celsius
  • Blending with shade-resistant Paspalum grass for an ideal playing surface
  • Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association emphasizes the careful selection of grass varieties

Quality Assurance: Rigorous Testing for Unmatched Performance

  • River sand and gravel used for the outfield were subjected to meticulous testing
  • Testing conducted at a renowned laboratory in Scotland
  • Assurance of optimal quality and performance standards for the playing field

Unveiling Enhanced Infrastructure: Unparalleled Experience Awaits

  • Collective efforts result in improved infrastructure and playing conditions
  • Enhanced ryegrass and Paspalum blend offer a top-quality surface
  • Rigorous testing ensures the highest standards of the outfield
  • Spectators and players can expect an unparalleled experience during the World Cup games

The comprehensive upgrades implemented at the HPCA Stadium in Dharamsala, including the meticulous selection of grass varieties and rigorous testing of materials, guarantee exceptional playing conditions that meet the highest standards. This commitment to quality promises an unforgettable experience for both players and spectators throughout the World Cup games.

“We relaid the whole surface of the stadium and we did a makeover of VVIP and hospitality boxes too. We hired the best expert for the relaying process. We wanted to ensure we have good drainage facilities and got grass from abroad. We changed a few seats and painted the stands. There was a leakage problem, we fixed that too,” Arun Dhumal, an HPCA member told The Indian Express. “We wanted to ensure that after rain, the game should start as soon as possible.”

Investment in Infrastructure Upgrades for World Cup Stadiums: Rs 50 Crore Grant Allocated to Each Venue

Ahead of the highly anticipated tournament, each World Cup stadium is set to receive a substantial grant of Rs 50 crore to enhance and upgrade its infrastructure. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has allocated a budget of over Rs 500 crore, ensuring that each of the 10 World Cup venues benefits from this financial support.

Amol Kale, the president of the Mumbai Cricket Association, has reassured cricket enthusiasts that the iconic Wankhede Stadium, which hosted the thrilling 2011 final, is committed to providing top-notch infrastructure and delivering the best hospitality services during the World Cup.

“The process of infrastructure upgradation has already begun including a new outfield, upgrading to new LED lighting, renovation of the corporate boxes, and renovated new toilets,” Kale said.

Maharashtra Cricket Association president Rohit Pawar explained that the ongoing Maharashtra Premier League (MPL) has given them a fair idea of areas of improvement for the Pune stadium.

“We will see if we can have a few stands which can be covered, as three-quarters of the stadium doesn’t have a roof. We want to provide basic facilities like clean toilets, good roads, and ample parking space. If any seats are in bad shape we will be replacing them. We will see whether the fencing metal is ok, the ticket readers are working or not. Our drainage system is fine, so are the floodlights,” Pawar told this newspaper.

At Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium, spectator seating and toilets are being refurbished, apart from upgrading the ticketing software.

“The floodlights at the stadium are of good quality, so we don’t have to change them. However, the seats are being changed and the toilets renovated. The software at the turnstiles will also be upgraded so the entry process for fans is smooth,” Delhi and District Cricket Association joint secretary Rajan Manchanda said. The grass at the ground has also been recarpeted during the off-season, he confirmed.

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