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HAL Price Target: Hindustan Aeronautics shares hit fresh 52-week high

HAL Share Price Target NSE, BSE: The stock has rallied more than 300 per cent in two years as against a 19.05 per cent jump in Sensex.

I am closely monitoring HAL’s share performance on both NSE and BSE. The company recently achieved a new 52-week high, coinciding with the Sensex surpassing the 70,000 level for the first time during Monday’s early trade. In the latest trading session, the share price rose by approximately 2.93% to reach Rs 2813.30 on the BSE, following a previous closing at Rs 2733.15.

As a Navaratna status public sector undertaking (PSU) under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, HAL boasts a market capitalization of Rs 1,86,173 crore. Notably, the stock has experienced a positive trend over the last two days, showing a 3.51% increase during this period.

In terms of future projections, Sumeet Bagadia from Choice Broking suggests holding onto HAL stocks. According to Bagadia, the stock could potentially reach a target of Rs 3,000 once it surpasses the Rs 2,800 level.

Hindustan Aeronautics shares have shown remarkable growth, surging by over 120% this year. In the past two years, the stock has experienced an impressive rally of more than 300%, significantly outperforming the Sensex, which saw a 19.05% increase.

I’ve heard that HAL is on the verge of finalizing deals with four countries, and the potential value of these agreements is estimated to be around Rs 70,000. According to reports from Zee Business, HAL might export fighter jets to Argentina, Egypt, Nigeria, and the Philippines.

In the stock market, the 30-share Sensex achieved its all-time high at 70,048.90 points right after opening. It later slightly reduced its gains to 69,958.13 points, marking a rise of 132.53 points or 0.19% compared to the closing level on Friday. This surge came after key indices reached new lifetime highs on Friday, following the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) optimistic growth forecast for the current fiscal year and the decision to keep policy rates unchanged.

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. RSI, Moving Averages, Technical Analysis MACD, MFI, Stochastic and Candlesticks

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What is the highest share price of HAL?
What has been 52-week high of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd stocks? The highest price of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd stock is ₹2,783.20 in the last 52-week.

What is the prediction of HAL?
HAL’s Share price target prediction for tomorrow using Fibonacci levels. As per Fibonacci levels, HAL share target for tomorrow Tue 12 December 2023 will be ₹ 2810.33 as first target and ₹ 2866.35 as second target.

What is the full form of HAL stock?
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Live Stock Price , Hal Live Share Price, 541154 | BSE.

Is HAL debt free?
As a result, the cash conversion cycle has improved, and the company has managed to reduce its debt burden. In FY23, HAL achieved its lowest cash conversion cycle in several years and is nearly debt-free.

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