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Threads App gains 50M users in 1 day, intensifying IG’s rivalry with Twitter

Threads, the latest app launched by Meta, dubbed the “Twitter Killer,” has amassed an impressive user base of 50 million within just 24 hours of its release.

This text-focused microblogging platform is intricately linked to Meta’s renowned photo and video sharing service, Instagram. It is important to note that Meta leverages its colossal user count of over 2.35 billion active users on Instagram to attract sign-ups for Threads.

Consequently, rival social media giant Twitter is already feeling the impact, prompting their newly appointed CEO to release a statement, while rumors circulate about a potential lawsuit against Meta.

On Friday, Alex Heath from The Verge shared a Threads post revealing that the app had exceeded 48 million registered users, citing internal data from Meta.

Further corroborating this remarkable growth, Joe Scannell (Threads: @joe_scannell), another Threads user, posted a screenshot indicating that the number of sign-ups has now surpassed the 50 million milestone.

As part of Meta’s strategy to encourage user participation and adoption, each user’s Instagram profile now displays a unique serial number, indicating their sign-up date for the service.

It’s important to mention that while Threads made its debut on both the App Store and Google Play Store simultaneously last Thursday, the app is not yet available in every country.

Meta has not extended the service to users in the EU, likely due to the region’s stringent privacy regulations.

Threads has swiftly climbed to the top of app store charts in numerous countries. In India, it currently holds the top position among free iOS apps, surpassing popular apps like WhatsApp and Instagram.

In China, where Meta’s other apps are currently blocked, Threads managed to reach the fifth spot on the App Store, though it is expected to face similar restrictions.

As reported by The Verge, as of Thursday, Threads boasted over 95 million posts, accumulating a staggering 190 million likes on the platform.

The impact of Threads seems to have reached even prominent figures like Elon Musk, whose Twitter platform appears to be feeling the pressure. Twitter’s lawyer, Alex Spirt, reportedly sent a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, threatening legal action.

In response to Threads’ meteoric rise, Twitter’s newly appointed CEO, Linda Yaccarino, took to Twitter herself on Thursday.

She emphasized that the Twitter community was created by its users and deemed it “irreplaceable.” Yaccarino added that while imitation is common, the unique essence of the Twitter community cannot be replicated.

Although Threads is expected to continue growing its user base, it currently lacks certain features that users are accustomed to on other platforms.

For instance, it does not offer a chronological feed or the ability to send private messages (DMs). Additionally, the company’s support documents state that deleting a Threads account necessitates deleting the associated Instagram account, indicating the close integration between the two platforms.

Lillian Hocker
Lillian Hocker
Lillian Hocker is a seasoned technology journalist and analyst, specializing in the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital culture. With over a decade of experience, Lillian has contributed insightful articles to leading tech publications. Her work dives deep into emerging technologies, startup ecosystems, and the impact of digital transformation on industries worldwide. Prior to her career in journalism, she worked as a software engineer at a Silicon Valley startup, giving her firsthand experience of the tech industry's rapid evolution.

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