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Ultimate Guide for Building a Startup with ChatGPT Prompts, from Scratch (free, no ads/sign-ups)

Disclaimer: all links below are free, no ads, no sign-up required & no donation button.

Hi all! I’m back building you free prompt libraries to solve future-world problems, and this time, I wanted to provide amazing prompts & the flow to create entire SaaS companies using ChatGPT.

Many people online have built small startups using the concept of HustleGPT, and though they share their journeys, hardly any show the prompts they discover along the way.

I know some people in this sub have asked, “Can I even make money with this?”, “should I learn how to program first or use AI?” the answer depends on you. But if you’re willing to put in the hours to realize an idea, then you can do absolutely anything.

This is an example of how you can use these prompts with your own variables:

r/ChatGPT - Ultimate Guide for Building a Startup with ChatGPT Prompts, from Scratch (free, no ads/sign-ups)

Ask ChatGPT to Extract important details from a product page

I’ve created prompt libraries for each step of the process (backend, front-end, automation & marketing)

Before you start building anything, I recommend learning the basic concepts of programming and what it even is.

Here we go.

Building the front-end

All front-end projects (which can do more than show text & pictures) use Javascript, but usually utilize frameworks to streamline the process of handling data well.

I’ve also categorized several prompt libraries per framework (which you can choose to use) here:

HTML/CSS Prompts ​ ​

Tailwind CSS ​ ​

Bootstrap Prompts ​

JavaScript Prompts ​

React Prompts ​ ​

Angular Prompts ​

Vue.js Prompts ​ ​

Svelte Prompts ​ ​

Ember.js Prompts

Building the back-end

The most common back-end frameworks are Node.js, Django, Laravel, etc., so I have made sure to include framework-specific pages for each step.

Here they are:

Node.js Prompts ​

Express.js Prompts ​

Ruby on Rails Prompts ​

Django Prompts ​

Flask Prompts ​

PHP Laravel Prompts ​

Firebase Prompts

Okay, so now you have the back-end to send data to the front end, but where do you get data? You create some!

Creating Data with Python Automation

Python is one of the easiest libraries to learn, especially for automating monotonous tasks, collecting data, etc.

I’ve even seen entire SaaS apps created based on a simple automation script, scaled for thousands/millions of people. An example is a service that sends you a notification as soon as a product you want goes on sale. (yes, the prompt for that script is included below!)

Here, the AI script prompts are categorized by the intent of what you want to do.

Web Scraping Prompts ​

Data Processing Prompts ​

Task Automation & Scheduling Prompts ​

API Development & Integration Prompts ​

GUI Automation & Testing Prompts ​

Networking & System Administration Prompts

P.S. You don’t have to work with complex structures. You can start by creating simple CSVs with Python, reading them in Node.js, and sending them to the front-end as simple values.

P.P.S. ChatGPT is really good at coding these types of things.

Marketing your product (Getting your first users)

Okay, now you’ve built a working, amazing app/startup with ChatGPT, profit?

Not quite, you need to market it. You don’t have to spend thousands, or even a cent to employ a great SEO marketing strategy.

Say you create an app that checks online product prices. You wouldn’t target people who search “online notifications”. You would be more specific and target “get notifications for online products when they go on sale,” which is a long-tail keyword, and is usually easier to rank for as a new site.

Here are the prompt libraries for SaaS Marketing:

Keyword Research & Analysis Prompts ​

Long-tail Keyword Research Prompts ​

Competitor Analysis & Content Gap Assessment Prompts ​

Content Ideation & Strategy Prompts ​

SEO-Optimized Content Creation Prompts ​

Internal & External Linking Prompts ​

On-Page SEO Prompts ​

Content Promotion Prompts

Content Analytics & Performance Tracking Prompts ​

Content Updating & Refreshing Prompts

I am physically unable to explain every SEO tactic out there, but the internet is a wonderful place to learn.

Some of these prompts need your further customization to do what you want them to, but they should provide a pretty good basis for the beginning of your journey 🙂

Let me know what you think, peace ✌️

Akshit Yadav
Akshit Yadav
Akshit is a dynamic young voice in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, known for his innovative insights and fresh perspectives. Passionate about the intersection of technology and finance, he brings a youthful energy to his exploration of decentralized systems and digital currencies.

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