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CEO Faces Backlash for Replacing 90% of Customer Support Staff with AI Chatbot

Suumit Shah, the CEO of e-commerce firm Dukaan, is facing backlash on social media for a recent Twitter post announcing replacing 90% of the customer support team with an AI chatbot. Users expressed anger and criticized Shah for how this decision would impact employees’ lives.

In the tweet, Shah justified the move, stating that it was necessary to prioritize profitability. He claimed that response times had decreased from over two hours to three minutes and that customer support costs had been reduced by 85%.

However, social media users were unimpressed with his explanation. They found the announcement disrespectful and criticized the CEO for boasting about layoffs alongside the introduction of a new feature in the same thread.

Users expressed concerns about the increasing prevalence of AI replacing human jobs, questioning the quality of chatbots’ responses and worrying about the potential loss of brand loyalty.

When asked about assistance for the laid-off staff, Shah said he would address the matter on LinkedIn, implying that Twitter users were focused on profitability rather than sympathy.

Critics found the public proclamation and apparent pride in the layoffs to be distasteful, with one user stating that laying off employees is never a pleasant experience and questioning the need to boast about it.

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