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Sony already has a perfect car to compete with Tesla

Sony is already preparing its own vehicle that intends to compete with big players in the market. 

If anyone can take on the American electric car maker Tesla , it is a company the size of Sony , or perhaps Apple that also announced that it will be joining forces with Hyundai to develop an electric car .

The chassis of the Sony car is being developed in Austria , while the same company develops all the electrical components and the complex autonomous driving system, which has more than 40 cameras and sensors, as well as radar, thus making it one of the most complex and safe so far.

The concept was unveiled in early 2020 at the CES technology convention , and while it caused quite a stir in the press, no one expected Sony to get down to business at the breakneck speed it did.

You can see this car in all its splendor and in full action through the following video:

In addition to Sony being expected to create a great vehicle platform, we can see that they are putting a lot of effort into car entertainment systems.

This vehicle could include the integration of different Sony products such as the Playstation and its audio equipment division, in addition to the fact that the Japanese brand is developing, from scratch, a virtual assistant system similar to Alexa with voice and gesture recognition.

Speaking of Alexa , Amazon has just authorized its use for other manufacturers , and the first to incorporate it into their systems will be the big automakers.

It only remains to wait for more news about this interesting proposal from Sony in terms of price and availability, but with this we can expect that more and more electronics manufacturers begin to take an interest in the automotive industry as it makes the switch to purely electric cars.

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