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Exclusive Peek: M3 MacBook Air & Revamped iPad Lineup 2024

In the fast-paced realm of technology, Apple is set to revolutionize the landscape with a slew of groundbreaking hardware releases in early 2024, as forecasted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Anticipated in March, Apple’s forthcoming offerings include the next iteration of iPad Pro and iPad Air, each available in two sizes, alongside the highly awaited M3 MacBook Air. This article unveils the intricacies of Apple’s upcoming hardware drops, shedding light on the distinguishing features that set them apart in the competitive tech market.

iPad Pro: A Glimpse into the Future

M3 Chip and OLED Display

The cornerstone of the new iPad Pro lies in its integration of Apple’s cutting-edge M3 chip, promising unparalleled performance and efficiency. Paired with an OLED display, this powerhouse is poised to deliver a visual experience that transcends previous standards. The M3 chip represents a quantum leap in processing capability, ensuring seamless multitasking and enhanced graphics rendering.

Dual Sizing Strategy: 11 and 13 Inches

Apple’s strategic move to offer the iPad Pro in two sizes, 11 and 13 inches, caters to diverse user preferences. Whether you prioritize portability or an expansive screen, Apple’s dual sizing strategy ensures there’s an optimal choice for every user.

Redefined Keyboard Experience

Accompanying the iPad Pro is a bespoke Magic Keyboard, designed exclusively for this flagship device. Gurman’s insights suggest that this accessory will redefine the typing experience, elevating it to new heights of comfort and functionality.

iPad Air: Unveiling a Duo of Excellence

M2 Chip and Dual Size Options

The iPad Air, set to debut with a 10.9-inch version and a larger 12.9-inch option, embraces the power of Apple’s M2 chip. This dual-size approach empowers consumers with a choice tailored to their specific needs, providing a clear distinction between the two models.

Streamlined Choices for Consumers

Apple’s commitment to user experience is evident in its strategy to streamline the choices within the iPad lineup. The distinctions between high-end, midrange, and standard iPads are set to become more apparent, simplifying the decision-making process for consumers.

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M3 MacBook Air: Marching into the Future

Dual Configurations: 13 and 15 Inches

The M3 MacBook Air, slated for a March release, marks a significant leap forward in Apple’s laptop lineup. Available in the standard 13-inch and a larger 15-inch configuration, this laptop is poised to set new benchmarks in performance, portability, and user experience.

Sunsetting the 2020 M1 MacBook Air

In tandem with the M3 MacBook Air’s introduction, Apple may bid farewell to the 2020 M1 MacBook Air. This move signifies a commitment to advancing technology and ensuring users have access to the latest innovations.

Mac Studio and Mac Pro: A Patient Wait for M3 Upgrade

Late 2024 to 2025 Release

While the iPad and MacBook lineup takes center stage in March, the Mac Studio and Mac Pro are set to join the M3 party later. Gurman hints at a release timeline extending at least until the end of 2024, with a potential slip into 2025. Apple enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the M3 upgrade for these high-end models may need to exercise patience.


As Apple prepares to unleash this formidable lineup of next-gen hardware, the tech landscape is poised for a seismic shift. The M3 chip emerges as the common thread, weaving together the enhanced capabilities of iPad Pro, iPad Air, and MacBook Air. With a focus on user experience and performance, Apple’s commitment to innovation is set to redefine the standards of excellence in the tech industry. Stay tuned as March 2024 heralds a new era of possibilities with Apple’s groundbreaking hardware releases.

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