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Tesla Car Transport Ship compelled to return to China amidst Stink Bug Infestation

Recent reports indicate that a shipment of Tesla electric cars en route to Australia has been barred entry and compelled to return to Shanghai due to the detection of stink bugs on board. This development unfolds amid high expectations for Tesla to achieve its most successful annual sales performance.

Australian authorities have labeled stink bugs, including the yellow-spotted variety, as a significant menace to the country’s agriculture and wildlife. Consequently, the shipping vessel, named the Glovis Caravel, has been instructed to return to China for a thorough cleaning to eradicate the pests.

The current number of vehicles on board the ship remains unclear, leaving Australian customers eagerly anticipating their Tesla vehicles informed of the situation. Tesla Australia has reassured affected customers, stating that they are actively exploring all available options to expedite delivery, which may involve reallocating orders to vehicles from the upcoming production batch.

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This incident is not the first time the Glovis Caravel has encountered such a predicament. In 2018, the vessel was directed to depart New Zealand waters after nearly 600 stink bugs, 12 of them alive, were discovered while anchored near Auckland.

Despite this setback, Tesla continues to pursue record-breaking sales in Australia and globally. The company is anticipated to deliver nearly 50,000 vehicles in Australia alone in 2023, with global deliveries projected to surpass 1.8 million, an increase from the previous year’s 1.3 million.

Tesla is slated to reveal its global delivery results on January 2, 2024, with Australian data to be disclosed on January 4.

While authorities address the biosecurity risks posed by the stink bug infestation, Tesla customers will need to await the arrival of their eagerly anticipated electric vehicles patiently.

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