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You will no longer have to remove mask to unlock your iPhone

If you have an Apple Watch, it will be easier to unlock your mobile phone in the future – even if Face ID does not work.

A disturbing problem for all owners of current iPhones since the iPhone X is that the Face ID face recognition does not work with the anti-corona mask on. Although the AI-supported recognition sometimes seems to adapt to certain mouth and nose protection systems , Apple is not working on official support – this would be too unsafe according to the company. With the upcoming iOS 14.5, which has been in beta since Monday, there should now be an additional unlocking method that does not require you to constantly enter the annoying passcode. Apple uses its own computer clock for this.

As users of the preliminary version of the new operating system report, the new function can be activated in the system settings. It is reminiscent of an unlocking method that is already known from Mac and the Apple Watch: If the computer clock is connected to the computer, you no longer have to enter a password when opening the machine , you only get a short vibration on the clock and the computer is ready to use. The watch must of course also be unlocked, which only happens when it is put on.

Unlocked Apple Watch nearby is enough

The process will be similar in the future with a Face ID iPhone with iOS 14.5. The unlock is carried out as usual by looking at the device and using the swipe-up function. If the face is only partially recognized (or not recognized at all), the device will still unlock because it is paired with the Apple Watch. This is noticed by vibration.

According to beta testers, there is also the option of locking the iPhone from the Apple Watch. In addition, it is only possible to unlock the smartphone with the computer clock, not other actions that would otherwise require facial recognition, such as buying apps or authentication in other programs. The PIN is then required here.

Acquisition of a Mac technology

With the Mac, the unlocking via Apple Watch only works if the watch is at a minimum distance from the Mac so that the Mac is not activated if the user does not want to. Apple may have implemented something similar with the iPhone. Nevertheless, users should only switch the function on if they need the convenience. After all, it is possible to lock the iPhone again immediately from the watch as mentioned – a corresponding button appears in the unlock dialog.

What Apple doesn’t seem to have implemented, however, is another function from macOS : There you have to confirm certain processes that can be authenticated via the clock by double-clicking the side button. This could also have been integrated on the iPhone in order to completely rule out unwanted unlocking. When iOS 14.5 will be released is still unclear; however, it could not be ready until March or April, as there are major changes in other areas .

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