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Apple working on a super-powerful VR headset with 12 cameras

Cupertino would be working on a super-powerful VR headset, coming as early as 2022. Here’s how it should be

Apple would be working on a VR headset to be presented in the course of 2022 . After the first rumors about Apple Glass released more than a year ago , a new report published by Bloomberg shifts the attention to virtual reality by hypothesizing the arrival of a pair of super-powerful 3D glasses at an estimated price of around 3 thousand dollars. The intent of the Apple is to enter the market with a device considerably above the market average, with super-powerful chipsmade on the basis of the model that led to the creation of the M1 processors for the Macbook and a mesh fabric material that will help reduce its weight. If we wanted to think of a design hypothesis, we could take a cue from the AirPods Max and apply their aesthetic sense to a virtual reality viewer. At first the Apple will try to launch it within a small circle of professionals and companies to understand the potential impact of the device and only at a later time could it open the sale to the public – the same path that Microsoft has also taken with the Hololens . The goal of the headset will be to compete with Oculus and PlayStation VR in the field of video games, productivity and the new 3D social vision coming up over the next few years.

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For the rest we do not know much more about the hypothetical technical characteristics of the device: we talk about possible VR applications or mixed reality thanks to over a dozen cameras (to track the movement of the hands) and LIDAR sensors that allow you to map the room in you are using the same mechanism already seen on the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 . It is also said to have dual 8K displayswith eye tracking technology that could offer a much higher resolution than current VR devices on the market today. Of course, it will be necessary to understand how a solution of this type will be accepted, considering that if the 3 thousand dollar price range were confirmed, it would be a cost 5 times higher than that incurred for the purchase of Oculus Quest 2 .

So what will change compared to Apple Glass? Here we are talking about a project designed for virtual reality in the name of a 360 degree environment in which to work, play or watch videos. The smart glasses have a side project – delayed to 2023 – they will try to “move” the iPhone’s display to the lens of your viewers. The information will appear on both lenses and, as mentioned, will also work with prescription lenses: to interact you will have to talk to Siri or use gestures made specifically to make the glasses work at their best. (Also Read: Apple and Samsung to make Smartwatches that will be able to measure blood sugar)

At the moment both are little more than prototypes and could turn into a stalemate : if the planned development over the next two years does not satisfy Tim Cook’s company , Apple could decide to cancel the two projects as if nothing had happened. But it will be difficult not to see a concrete investment on this front: Apple has long been interested in the AR / VR world as the acquisitions of recent years have shown – NextVR, Metaio, Vrvana and many others. We will have to wait a little longer to understand what the next moves will be in this area.

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