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Android 12: output, interface and features of the novelty of Google

Google would be about to show the first preview images of Android 12 , the new version of the Big G operating system that will officially land on the first smartphones starting next fall. According to the first rumors – and the first screenshots – it seems that the Mountain View company has chosen a completely new interface that is very close to the aesthetics of iOS . Virtually an offense to the hardcore Android fans who have battled the iPhone operating systemfor years blaming Apple for giving little emphasis to smartphone customization and for having conceived an ecosystem that is too rigid. On the other hand, those who have always preferred the iPhone are comfortable within this connected eco-system and wrinkle their noses at the vulnerabilities and lack of security on the other side. But over time these differences have flattened more and more and the two OS have chased each other getting really close .

The images were published by XDA-Developers and have not been confirmed by Google, but if they were to really be a preview of the new Android 12, the news would be many and important. First of all, the choice of introducing more “rounded” and opaque notifications compared to those available today, with fewer quick settings available in the control panel and the arrival of the new privacy indicator .

Google trying to copy Apple for Android tracking permission

At the top right, next to your operator icon, a warning will appear when an app tries to access the camera or microphone, turning into a green dot on the screen that will try to get your attention to signal the possibility of an intrusion in your privacy. A system that will have to alert you if you have opened a video game or which will look absolutely natural if you are taking a picture or making a phone call. An indicator that closely resembles one of the most appreciated novelties of iOS 14 , which recently introduced a functionality identical to this one.

The other upcoming feature is the new control panel for chats, phone calls and video calls : a sort of widget for Android 12 that will allow you to chat or call your favorite contacts without having to jump from one messaging application to another. Let’s assume you have three different chats on Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram Direct: with the new Google OS you won’t have to open three different apps to reply, but it will be enough to switch between this widget to quickly manage all your conversations.

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Google hasn’t confirmed anything about Android 12’s features or release date. It usually teases developer news at the Google I / O conference scheduled for June each year. Last year, Google surprised everyone with a developer preview of Android 11 in February by canceling its event, so it’s possible the same thing could happen in 2021 as well.

Ismael Brooks
Ismael Brooks
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