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A new era begins with the McLaren Artura

For the first time, a V8 engine no longer works in a super sports car from Woking. As a plug-in hybrid, the McLaren Artura is the most economical model of all time – and we were already in it.
The new McLaren Artura initially looks like a typical sports car from Woking in the British county of Surrey: Very flat, as the solvent customer would like, with distinctive, sharp lines between the eyes and buttocks. The air inlets in front of the rear wheel arches are once again huge – after all, the engine has to be cooled somehow. In addition, the issues of abrasion and downforce play an enormous role for the British fresh air junkie from the 300-plus league. Because one thing is clear: if McLaren announces a new model, we know it is fast, very fast.

McLaren Artura (2021): A typical super sports car on paper

Clap your hands once, the two-seater runs forward at 100 km / h, at 330 km / h it’s over. McLaren writes that the Artura has a “razor-sharp” throttle response. We believe that now, but of course we will soon try it out ourselves. Looking at the data sheet we read: 21.5 seconds pass up to a speed of 300 – really extremely fast. Because we have seen, experienced and tested almost all McLaren models, we assume that this super sports car is not only fast in a straight line, but also drives pretty much everything in and around bends that is road legal is.
On our first date in Frankfurt a few weeks ago, we were able to take a closer look at the British low-flying aircraft. Starting with the body, which, following the McLaren tradition, is made of carbon, but in this particular case is completely new. After all, the engineers had to take the hybrid’s inner workings into account – that is: electricity storage device that weighs a few kilograms, plus an electric motor, control unit and, of course, the issue of cooling. The result of various innovations: 1,495 kilos curb weight , which is unusually low in this class.Read More:

The most economical McLaren of all time – thanks to V6 and electric motors

The drive is of course a very important point with this McLaren. A turbocharged V6 engine works behind the seats . He alone draws 585 hp from three liters of displacement . If the battery charge allows it, the electric motor intervenes and then we’re talking about 680 horsepower . The McLaren Artura can travel up to 30 kilometers purely electrically. The 85 kilo battery is charged at the socket, which takes about 2.5 hours. We assume, however, that the V6 will send the juice for full performance to the memory significantly more often.
With the Artura, McLaren is now also starting the (partial) electrification of its sports cars. Because a lot of work has gone into the complete electric drive technology of this hybrid racer – combined with its placement under the two seats – the Artura is seen as a blueprint for future hybrids from Woking . Because one thing is certain: there will be.

New McLaren Artura: There are small adjustments inside

In the interior, McLaren connoisseurs will find two new controls that are mounted in close proximity to the steering wheel. You can get there without taking your hands off the wheel. The seat adjustment is now not located on the inside of the seats, but on the outside – the fiddling is history. And one more thing: software updates are now played “over the air” on the car.
Did we forget something? Yes. The new transmission. Previously 7-speed, now 8-speed double clutch . The British are setting a new record in terms of CO2 emissions: 125 grams per kilometer in this vehicle class? Chapeau! And the Artura shoes are also special: Pirelli has given a lot of thought and developed a tailor-made tire. The P Zero Corsa with built-in sensors that send the car important information about the status and condition of the tires offers a similar amount of grip as the tires from the race track specialist 600 LT.

McLaren Artura (2021): The cost of the new hybrid supercar

The question remains about the price. In Germany you pay at least 226,000 euros. Orders can be placed immediately and delivery will start in summer 2021.

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