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Tesla Model 2: Elon Musk’s car of less than 25,000 euros

Tesla for just over 20,000 euros? That is the ambition of the Tesla Model 2, and this is what it will look like.

The Tesla Model 2 could be much more than a model. It could be the car that completely changes the electric vehicle market .

Until now, electric cars were only for two types of people: those who had money and those who resigned themselves to living pending that any place they visited had chargers to power their autonomy of less than 100 kilometers. Tesla car buyers are, of course, in the first category. But if there is something that characterizes Elon Musk’s creations, it is that they surprise. Enter Tesla Model 2.

Tesla Model 2 bridges the two worlds. The result is an electric car from the most famous electric car manufacturer of the moment, for an affordable price.

It is a two-volume urban whose aesthetics drink from the Tesla Model 3 sedan and the Tesla Model Y. Of course, it will be entirely electric, and it will be created specifically for the city.

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The Brazilian designer Kleber Silva has shown the first images of the vehicle illustrated by himself. In it we see the iconic peaked nose of Tesla cars , with a flattened rear and a compact format. The model, which Tesla is currently working on, will require the creative team to completely redesign the rear of the vehicle.

But if there is one thing that draws attention to the Tesla Model 2, it is its price. It has been announced that the buyer will be able to get one of them for $ 25,000 , approximately 20,700 euros.

To make such a price drop (the cheapest model in the house right now is the Tesla Model 3, and it sells for almost 50,000 euros) not only will it have been enough to reduce the size of the vehicle. There will also have been concessions, predictably in terms of autonomy and power.

But the concessions may not be as important as we might think. An important part of the savings will be made, predictably, in the manufacture: the Tesla Model 2 will be the first model of the house to be produced outside the United States. It will take place, specifically, in Shanghai.

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