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Wear OS: Google wants to fix “Hey Google” detection

Apparently, the Google Assistant was not getting activated by voice command on Wear OS devices for months. Now Google is promising a fix.

For months, the Google Assistant on Wear OS devices was not being activated with the command “Hey Google”. This is indicated by numerous user reports in forums and on Google’s own issue tracker. Now Google is working on a solution to the problem.

This is what Google promised to tech magazine The Verge . Accordingly, one is aware of the error that occurs with “some” users. Google did not provide a schedule. The fact that numerous users are actually affected can be seen from posts on Reddit or Google’s Issue Tracker , where almost 1000 users stated that they had also noticed the error. However, the affected smartwatches can still use the Google Assistant: depending on the model, it can still be triggered by pressing a button, for example.

Google invests in smartwatches

Many users accuse Google in forum threads and social media of largely ignoring its Wear OS smartwatch operating system. Google has invested in developing its own smartwatches in recent years.

It was only in January that Google completed the takeover of the smartwatch manufacturer Fitbit . The deal is going to cost Google $ 2.1 billion. EU competition watchdogs have tied the takeover to several conditions designed to prevent misuse of health data originally collected by Fitbit. For example, Google is not allowed to use Fitbit data to optimize its advertising business. In addition, users must be given the opportunity to prohibit the use of the data for the Google Maps or Youtube services. “The deal was always about devices, not data,” said Google’s hardware boss Rick Osterloh in a blog post .

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