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The 5 robot vacuum cleaners to entrust your home to over the weekend

Today robots have evolved: they can wash the floor and empty their tank independently. Here are the best models to buy to free yourself from the hassle of cleaning.

The robot vacuum cleaner is one of the most underestimated of the technological landscape gadgets. Present on the market for 20 years now, they are halfway between an eternal unfinished and a precious ally to save time and effort in household chores. At first they looked like a crash destined to spread to everyone’s homes within a few years; then, thanks to a really too high cost, little innovation and the doubts of the most skeptical about operation, it was understood that the new vacuum cleaners would remain a niche for enthusiasts. Now, however, the sector seems to have learned from its mistakes and has made great strides over the last few years by offering cutting-edge products at lower prices than in the past. By focusing above all on the versatility and ability of the new robots to clean themselves automatically. The iRobot solutions for emptying tanks, combined with floor cleaners – which can also be transformed into window cleaners to attach to windows when needed – have given new life to the market, bringing the robot back into vogue after a period of domination by electric brooms . The credit also goes to the competition that has been able to get in the wake of the Roombato answer him blow for blow. Let’s see the 5 best robots to which you can entrust your home on vacation or if you choose to spend the weekend out of town.

Rowenta Explorer Series 60

If you are looking for an excellent low-cost solution , the new Explorer Series 60 is the best solution for vacuuming and washing the floors of the house at the same time , thanks to the Aqua Force system, equipped with a scrubbing cloth, which guarantees 2 in 1 action only 6 centimeters high, Explorer Series 60 is a state-of-the-art appliance, able to reach even the most difficult and hostile areas, passing under low furniture, to easily remove dust and allergens. Thanks to the Smart Exploration 4.0 movement system, the robot takes care of the entire surface of the house, ensuring optimal coverage: the gyroscope and infrared sensors allow precise movement, without forgetting the“time to flight” side camera that perfectly follows the perimeter of the walls, and the two side brushes, to clean even the corners of the rooms with care. Price: € 349.99 .

Roomba i3 +

The latest iRobot product brings the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal system capable of emptying and cleaning the robot tank to a mid-range market. In this way, users do not have to worry about emptying the dust tank every time or worry that the robot does not finish the cleaning cycle because it is “full of dust”. In fact, the Clean Base, which obviously also acts as a charging station, can contain the equivalent of 60 days of dirt collected daily by the Roomba. Once vacuumed by the Clean Bease, the dirt ends up in the AllergenLock bag , which uses four layers of allergenic material capable of trapping 99% of pollen and mold. Thecleaning cycle, divided into 3 phases , is extremely effective thanks to the two multi-surface rubber brushes that work together to clean every inch of the floor, the side brush for cleaning the edges specially designed to get into the corners, and the power of 10 times higher suction than the 600 series models. The best solution in terms of quality / price ratio. Cost: € 699 .

Braava jet m6

The Braava jet m6 mopping robot ensures clean floors throughout the home. Users simply engage their chosen cloth – of two types: one for dry cleaning and one for wet cleaning – and the robot will do the rest. You can program it with the iRobot Home app or start cleaning via voice commands if the robot is connected to Alexa or Google Assistant compatible devices. Ideal on floors such as parquet, tiles and stone, Braava jet m6 is characterized by the Maximized-Edge design that helps the robot to clean perfectly even in the corners and along the edges. Using an advanced navigation system, the robot cleans by following logical paths as it moves around furniture, carpets and other obstacles. In Wet wash mode , the Precision Jet Spray and the dedicated cloth allow the robot to remove dirt and grease stains , even in the kitchen. In addition to using water, users can optionally add Hard Floor Cleaning solution, bringing a fresh and long-lasting scent to the environment. When the robot has finished cleaning it is not necessary to touch the dirty cloth with your hands: just lift it, take it over the waste bin and press the “Eject” button. Price: 699 €.

Dyson 360 Heurist

The new Dyson robot is small and compact and focuses on height to concentrate the sensors that are used to optimize the mapping of the rooms and to avoid any kind of collision with furniture, chairs or tables. The dimensions are small, but the brush occupies the entire long side of the robot with a surface greater than 35% compared to the most famous competition; the rest is done by the Dyson V2 engine capable of reaching 78000 rpm and guaranteeing up to 20% more suction than the previous models. Price: 999 € .

Samsung JetBot 90 AI +

The new JetBot 90 AI + is the world’s first smart robot vacuum cleaner . A LiDAR sensor , similar to the one installed in self-driving cars, detects the distance to objects and walls, and traces a path that allows the robot to move around the house without crashing. A 3D sensor recognizes the difference between objects such as a toy or a chair leg and is able to distinguish even small objects on the floor. Using this information, it maps the safest route, keeping away from fragile or delicate objects, and can even stoop to clean under furniture. While cleaning, JetBot 90 AI + ‘s advanced digital inverter maximizes 30W suction powerof its Jet Cyclone system, capturing both airborne dust and dirt on the floor. The self-cleaning brush, made of light fibers of a soft woven fabric, captures dust on every surface, even in the most difficult corners. When the cleaning session is over, JetBot 90 AI + returns autonomously to its Clean Station , already seen in Italy as an accessory for Samsung Jet electric brooms. This Samsung solution for dust disposal, which collects household dirt in a bag that must be replaced only once every two or three months , completely eliminates the dispersion of dust and impurities in the air upon emptying. Price: not yet formalized.

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