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Apple Maps as a pandemic helper: App now shows corona vaccination centers

Search for the nearest vaccination center online? Not anymore! The map service Apple Maps will now navigate you there directly. The service announced for the USA also works in Germany – but with some drawbacks.

Unfortunately, the situation at the corona vaccination centers is still very clear. In Berlin, for example, only four such facilities are currently open. Users of Apple Maps can now find them very easily. The US company has added a new function to its map service. It makes it possible to find the closest location where you can get immunized against Covid-19. 

Apple Maps leads to corona vaccination centers

Apple presented the important update in a press release for the USA. The announcement did not mention whether it is also offered in other countries. But this is the case: “If we enter the search term ‘vaccination center’ in Apple Maps, we will be shown corresponding locations in Berlin,” reports Golem.de. The search also works via the Siri voice assistant. Apple asked for the US “Where can I get vaccinated against Covid?” suggested. 

But Apple Maps not only provides the location of the nearest corona vaccination centers and the best route to get there. Users are also given opening times . “The information on the location is not as detailed in this country as in the USA,” explained Computerbild. “Overseas, in addition to the address and opening times (also works here), Apple Maps also displays the information that users may need proof of authorization and an appointment for a vaccination. In addition, Apple offers a link to the respective vaccination center, which users can use to find out about the vaccines and make appointments. ” (Also Read : Apple’s tracking transparency could strengthen Facebook)

Apple provides information about vaccinations

There is more information for citizens in the USA who want to vaccinate about the number of hits. There, vaccinations against the coronavirus are also carried out in pharmacies, medical practices or drive-thru centers, which of course makes a reliable map service all the more important. Apple works in the USA with a data service from Boston Children’s Hospital. At first it was not known who in Germany would provide information on vaccination centers. This also applies to the question of whether Apple Maps will also show doctors in this country who administer corona vaccinations. When this can be the case has not yet been determined due to the quarrels about the AstraZeneca vaccine. (Also Read : iPhone failure is dearly for the company, Apple faces a mega fine)

By the way, Android users can already find vaccination centers in their city in the Google Maps app. The facilities, which were initially closed due to the AstraZeneca stop, were shown as open in a random sample in the app. When searching Google Maps in the Chrome browser, however, the message was displayed instead of hits: “You can get the latest information in Google search.”

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