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How Do You Add Music To A Slide Show?

It is possible to how do you add music to Google Slides?

The answer is pretty straight forward. You could use any video editing software that you have and transfer the video to your computer. You could also use the included free software for slides such as PowerPoint. Either way, there are steps you need to take in order to accomplish adding some music.

When you open your presentation, first look to the top right corner of the slide? You will see a settings icon. Click on that link. You will see options for adding a music file. Select a music file that you want to add music to.

When you select that option, you will be asked to name your song. Don’t enter anything else. This is just to help the slide recognize your selection. If you need toarrow the options, simply double click on one of the links or options. The other option is to scroll through the list of songs until you find the one you want. Once you have done so, you can click on it or move the slider to the left to hear the song.

Once you have found the song you want, double click it to play it. The file will load up and display it on the slide. If you need to preview what the song sounds like, click on the tab bar. This will load up a new tab on your side bar at the top of the presentation. The tab will display the audio track and will allow you to listen to it.

Once you have listened to it, select the song from the list that you want to select as the focus of your presentation. To do this, click on the appropriate option on the slide. Once you have selected it, your selection is saved and the slide is closed. You can repeat this process for as many slides as you want.

Finally, you can share the music you have used in your presentations by saving them to a favorite. To do this, go to your file’s section and click on “Eject”. This will permanently delete the music you have chosen to play. Now you have learned how to add music to Google Slides.

One final thing you should be aware of is that you are not limited to using just PowerPoint. You can also use YouTube, Vimeo, Playback and many other sites when creating and displaying your slides. Just make sure you provide attribution to the artist and the group who created the piece of work. People love to see how talented others are at graphics!

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