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How Do I XName Google Hangouts to Access My Microphone?

If you use Google Hangouts for your Google+ pages, you might have realized that clicking the “microphones” button will not bring up your Google Hangouts page. So, how do I access my microphone on Hangouts? You can go to the “chatheads” section of the Hangouts page and click the “Get Mic” button. If you don’t see this option, you may need to sign in with a new Google account.

Before you can begin using Google Hangouts, you will need to set up your Google account. This is quite easy. Just go to the “Add groups” area of your Google homepage, and click the “New” button. Follow the onscreen instructions and you’ll be all set.

If you are not signed in when you try to access your Google Hangouts page, Google will prompt you to sign in by clicking on the link on the left-hand side next to the search box. Once you’re signed in, you will see an icon near the top of the page. Click it to open the Google Hangouts setup window.

From here, you can select the “Google Hangouts” headset you want to use, as well as choose the settings for the chat application. The headset will ask you whether you want Internet access or just chat. You can always click to set the access level if you want to use the microphone without the ability to use the computer. When you have everything set up, you can begin chatting! Just click the microphone icon next to the chat application.

If you’d like to be able to speak directly to the person next to you, click the microphone icon next to the “voicemail” section. This will open up a separate window where you can speak to whoever is on the other line. This will give you the ability to hear and be heard through the computer’s voice system. If you would like to talk to a specific person, all you have to do is click the microphone icon and select “send.” The person on the other line will get a message that they can click to hear you. Now you can actually see and hear them through their computer’s voice system!

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Google Hangouts is great for getting access to your own microphone, but if you’re trying to find someone’s name through Hangouts, you might not get the results you’re hoping for. There are some websites that have databases of cell phone numbers so that you can find out someone’s name just by using their Hangouts microphone. Google does not have such a database, and unfortunately, it’s not easy to get access to it either. If you know the phone number and the area code, though, you should have no problem finding the name of the person on Hangouts by going to the website and using the search engine on it.


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