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Spotify: Music service increases its prices – also in Germany?

Spotify is increasing its prices. This mainly affects customers in Europe. However, the situation in Germany still seems unclear. 

German Spotify subscribers will probably have to prepare for an unfamiliar event: a price increase. So far you have lived in a rather costly environment. According to “Golem.de”, the Swedish music streaming service last raised its prices in this country in March 2012. In the past, the company relied primarily on the number of its subscribers when it came to growth. At least it paid off on paper. Spotify announced a record number of 30 million new subscribers in 2020, and the music service was activated in 81 new countries in 2021. This also includes the Republic of Korea, the sixth largest music market in the world. Now Spotify finally wants to cash in and is raising prices in many countries. 

Spotify: Price increases vary

If you want to stream music or podcasts on Spotify without advertising, you need a subscription. You can choose from the single subscription Spotify Premium, Duo (for two users who live in the same household), Family (up to six accounts) and the affordable student subscription. The price increases are sometimes very different from country to country, as “The Verge” has learned from the company. Customers in the USA get off relatively lightly. With them, only the price for the family package increases, and that by only one dollar to 15.99 dollars (approx. 13.30 euros). “The larger price increases will hit users in the UK and Europe,” warned the authors.

The good news first: Spotify Premium, the single subscription and entry-level model, will not be more expensive according to the information. In the United Kingdom, students and duos add one pound each (around 1.15 euros) and two pounds (around 2.30 euros) for families. That hits students hardest. Because for them, the surcharge corresponds to an increase of around 20 percent. “The Verge” forecast similar price increases for other European countries. The student and duo are supposed to be one euro more expensive each. They currently cost EUR 4.99 and EUR 12.99 in Germany. According to the report, Family will even increase in price by three euros to 17.99 euros per month. (Also Read : How Do I Add Multiple Spotify Account to My iPhone?)

Will Spotify get more expensive in Germany?

However, it does not seem clear so far whether these general information for Europe also apply to Germany. Spotify names the previous prices on its local website. According to media reports, increases were only reported to existing customers. “Spotify Germany announced that no price increase was planned in this country for the time being. How long this will apply is not known,” wrote “Golem.de”. Obviously, German customers are not safe either. “The author of this post has already discovered the indication of 15.99 euros for the family plan in his Spotify account,” said an article on “t3n”. This would mean that the most expensive package would only be one euro more expensive than the one reported by “The Verge” by three euros. For whom this is still too expensive: A subscription can be canceled at any time. (Also Read : Spotify is expanding into 85 countries with new offers)

Incidentally, like most billionaires worldwide, Spotify founder Daniel Ek became much richer during the corona pandemic. According to the business magazine “Forbes”, his fortune rose from March 2020 to March 2021 from 2.0 to 4.6 billion US dollars. With that he could at least beat Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in terms of growth. The still richest person in the world (“Forbes” does not include monarchs and dictators) increased his wealth from 113 to 177 billion dollars.

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